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PUBLISHED : Monday, 02 April, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 02 April, 2007, 12:00am

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Ms Lee of Mid-Levels say she doubts the service commitment made by broadband provider PCCW, since the company told her the service she has paid for was unavailable after she moved to a new place.

'On January 21 I moved from my flat on Old Peak Road to Mid-Levels. I called PCCW to help relocate my Netvigator broadband service and two NOW TV boxes to my new flat. The staff told me I could get my broadband service right away.

'Several days later they called back, saying I had to wait until the end of February to get both the internet service and NOW TV. Now two months have passed and I am still waiting for them to connect the service, despite repeated phone calls and complaints.

'The excuse they have given is that they don't have enough cables to reach the place I live in. What is more unbearable is that, in the meantime, I have to pay for the broadband service and two NOW boxes every month. PCCW always says it is fully committed to bringing to their customers more of what they want to see. If they are so 'committed', how come I still don't have anything to 'see'?'

PCCW said the company was upgrading equipment to allow more capacity in the complainant's area, and the service was expected to be available by the end of April.

Ms Lam from a trading firm in Kwun Tong complains that the Immigrant Department turned down the company's application to introduce two engineers from Philippines, although they satisfied all requirements for working visas.

'Our company has been looking for two electronic engineers for more than a year. After we failed to recruit suitable people locally we had to turn to the overseas market, where we have found two engineers in the Philippines.

'Now we are urgently in need of more personnel under very tight goods-delivery deadlines. That's why we hope to get the working visa for the duo as soon as possible. However, our entry visa application was denied by the Immigration Department on March 5 without any justified grounds. We hope the authority can give us a reasonable explanation.

'The two candidates have no criminal records, good educational backgrounds, good technical qualifications and professional experience. It would be very hard for our company to find persons with the same profiles in the local market.

'With every requirement satisfied according to the government's policy, we are wondering why the Immigration Department refused our request, which will result in considerable loss to our company.'

The Immigration Department confirmed that it turned down the company's visa application request earlier last month but was now reconsidering, as requested by the company. A spokeswoman said it would notify the company about the outcome as soon as possible, but she refused to comment on the case.

Ms Kwan, who lives in Canada, complained that a valuable ivory necklace she had stored in a safe deposit box in Nanyang Commercial Bank had turned yellow and dull, but her request for compensation was turned down.

'Earlier this year, I asked my sister in Hong Kong to get back my ivory necklace from Nanyang Commercial Bank. It had been stored in a safe deposit box in one of the bank's branches in Sheung Shui. However, after we took it home and looked at it closely, we discovered that some parts of the necklace had turned yellow and dull.

'I immediately called a bank supervisor, who explained that it might be caused by the temperature changes indoors. After complaining to their customer service hotline, I received an e-mail reply from the bank's head office on February 14, saying they were not taking responsibility for the damages caused by temperature, humidity or air-conditioning.

'I felt disappointed with such a selfish and irresponsible attitude. It fully reflects that the bank only cares about how to protect its own interests while shifting the burden to their customers.'

Nanyang Commercial Bank said it is clearly stated in lease conditions for safe deposit boxes that any loss or damage caused by the bank would not be compensated.

'According to our investigation, the branch has followed the rules in temperature, humidity and ventilation system operation in the deposit box area. We are sorry about Ms Kwan's loss, but we are not able to offer her compensation.'

The excuse they [PCCW]

have given is that they

don't have enough cables

to reach the place I live in