Steely winning spirit beats chilly weather

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 11 January, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 11 January, 1994, 12:00am

STRONG fighting spirit enabled athletes to overcome the chilly weather conditions that plagued the Lok Sin Tong Ku Chiu Man Secondary School's 10th athletic meet held at the Hammer Hill Sports Ground recently.

Chan Po-shan, who bagged gold medals in the 100-metre and 200-metre races and the long jump, was the girls' Grade A individual champion. She broke the school record in the 100 m race, clocking 14.19 seconds.

''I did my best in all the events I participated in,'' the 16-year-old fifth former said.

The winner explained that all her individual events had been finished some days before the final was held, and so her performance was not affected interfered by the sudden drop in temperature to under 10 degrees Celsius.

For Ng Chun-hung, the boys' Grade B individual champion who won golds in both the 100 m hurdles and 800 m race and a silver in triple jump, the chill was loathsome but perhaps not unlucky.

''Since the freezing air severely affected most of my strong opponents, I had a better chance as my performance was not so seriously interfered with; but because of it, I could not warm up properly,'' said the 15-year-old.

He told Young Post that he felt very cold and so had failed to keep his own record. However, he was happy because he had not expected to win the individual title.

The fourth former expressed his gratitude to the boys' Grade A individual champion, Chau Chi-keung, who trained him in the techniques of running and his teammate, Yiu See-chung, who helped him to master the techniques needed for triple jump.

As with Chun-hung, the boys' Grade C champion Yip Chi-tat, who achieved three gold medals in the 100 m, shot put and long jump and broke the school record in the first two events, was a first time winner of the championship.

Chi-tat smashed the old 100 m record of 12.65 seconds by clocking 11.99 seconds and then went on to re-write the shot put record of 10.08 metres with his 11.25-metre effort.

He said that in last year's athletic meet he had secured a first in shot put and 100 m but only achieved a 6th place in long jump.

His great improvement this year was due to extra practice. He explained: ''Before the competitions, I took part in the Tsuen Wan & Kwai Chung Districts athletic meets in order to practise shot put.

''Twice a week I practised short distance racing,'' the Form Two student said. ''Yet, the chilly weather did affect my performance today as I found my legs freezing up.'' The happy athlete especially thanked seventh-former Chow Yuk-wah for his invaluable guidance on tackling the 100-metre race and shot put.

RESULTS Overall class champions (A Grade): 1. 5E, 2. 7B, 3. 5B.

Overall class champions (B Grade): 1. 4E, 2. 3D, 3. 3B.

Overall class champions (C Grade): 1. 2B, 2. 1C, 3. 2C.

Form's champions: Form 1 - 1. 1C, 2. 1A, 3. 1B; Form 2 - 1. 2B, 2. 2E, 3. 2A; Form 3 - 1. 3D, 2. 3B, 3. 3E; Form 4 - 1. 4E, 2. 4B, 3. 4D; Form 5 - 1. 5E, 2. 5B, 3. 5D; Form 6 & 7 - 1. 7B, 2. 7A, 3. 6B.

Boys' individual champions: A Grade - Chau Chi-keung; B Grade - Ng Chun-hung; C Grade - Yip Chi-tat.

Girls' individual champions: A Grade - Chan Po-shan; B Grade - Lo Wing-mei; C Grade - Chan Man-po.