Denmark Quiz

PUBLISHED : Monday, 16 April, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 16 April, 2007, 12:00am

Test your general knowledge. The answers are below.


1 What will you get if you ask for a korv at a Danish fast food stall? 2 What countries does Denmark have land borders with? 3 Which of the following is not a Danish territory: Greenland, The Faeroe Islands, the Jutland Peninsula, or The Friesian Islands? 4 What part of Copenhagen has a sign saying 'You Are Now Entering The EU'. 5 Which Shakespearean play was set in Denmark? 6 Which of the following is not a Great Dane? Hollywood starlet Scarlet Johansson, fairytale creator Hans Christian Andersen, cartoon canine Scooby-Doo, designer and silversmith Georg Jensen, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, or Lord Of The Rings actor Viggo Mortensen? 7 What colours are on the Danish flag? 8 In which (football) World Cup did Denmark reach the quarter-finals? 9 What is the name of Denmark's 'other beer'? 10 What is the most popular means of transport in central Copenhagen?


1 A hotdog. 2 Just one: Germany. 3 The Friesian Islands in the North Sea, which belong to The Netherlands. 4 The exit gate of the anti-establishment 'Free City' enclave of alternative living, Christiania, in central Copenhagen. 5 Hamlet. 6 South Londoner Keith Richards. 7 Red and white. 8 France 1998. 9 Tuborg. In Denmark Carlsberg and Tuborg have a Coke vs Pepsi-style relationship. 10 The bicycle.