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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 25 April, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 25 April, 2007, 12:00am

Dealing with difficult people

I've met many difficult people in my life. They are nosy, gossipy, and claim credit for others.

If someone says bad words, talks during lessons and is impolite to friends and teachers, they are difficult.

Such people are annoying and don't have many friends. When they are unhappy, they have no one to talk to.

When I meet difficult people I try to take care of them. I also try to explain to them why they are difficult. Then they will be able to improve.

I talk to them and ask others to encourage them and make friends with them as well.

I hope my actions can help difficult people become more at ease. I hope they can play with others, have more friends and lead a meaningful life.

Sunny Mak Man-hin

SKH Lam Kau Mow Secondary School

Keeping pets can make you happy

Some people keep pets to play with and enjoy the happiness they bring. They treat them as friends or members of the family. They even teach their pets to do tricks.

However, many public housing estates and private buildings in Hong Kong don't allow pets.

People are busy working and don't have time to look after animals. There's not enough space to keep a big dog or cat in most homes.

Then there are people who are allergic to dogs' or cats' fur and develop reactions when there are pets around.

For all the above reasons, many people don't see a reason to have a pet.

But keeping a pet is a good way to relax. Looking after animals is also good training.

Some people keep exotic pets, such as lizards, piranhas, tarantulas and praying mantises. These unconventional pets occupy less space.

Pets can make someone happy when they are sad, and I once had such an experience.

One day, I went to school happy because I was looking forward to getting my exam results. But after I got them, I cried and went home. I was very sad.

But Tappy, my cat, ran out to welcome me. I hugged it and cried loudly. It meowed loudly, too.

After crying, I became happy again. I hope everyone will keep a pet to make their lives happier.

Dickens Wu Tik-kan

Wesley College

Friends are vital, good or bad

There are different kinds of people in the world. Some are generous, kind and helpful, but others are selfish, bad or greedy.

It is impossible to make only good or bad friends because we don't know what people are like when we meet them.

Some people are afraid of making friends because they don't want to make bad friends by mistake.

If we only make good friends, we'll never know what bad people are like. When we make bad friends, we can learn from their mistakes and help them to go back on the right track.

Wong Tat-mong

Strike a balance between work, rest

Pressure can help you make progress, but it can also make you go backwards.

If you promise to do something, you will have extra pressure.

The more you respond to requests, the more pressure you will feel.

When you are overloaded, your work rate will be slow, and gradually you'll fall ill.

The only way to reduce pressure is to relax. The most effective way to relax is rest properly.

If you take a break and get some rest, the pressure will be reduced.

But if you relax too much, you might lose the motivation to work.

Try to strike a balance between work and rest.

Lee King-hei

Rude Chinese people?

I went to Wuyishan in Fujian province over the Easter holidays. The people there were really rude. They did not line up, and pushed each other around.

I felt ashamed because I'm also Chinese.

But I don't think all Chinese are rude.

I am Chinese and I am polite. My father told me that China cannot catch up with Hong Kong because the mainlanders are rude and always break the law.

I think that they should learn to be polite.

I hope they can do this before 2008 to show the world the best side of China.

Tim Lai Chun-yuen

The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

Exercise control when it comes to the Net

There are many primary, secondary and even university students who indulge in playing computer games and surfing the Net.

It's a serious problem for teenagers and some cannot complete their studies as a result.

Surfing the Net is a good way to do research for school assignments or projects, and playing computer games is a good way to relax.

But a lot of teenagers play violent video games on the internet and in games arcades.

If their family doesn't allow them to play at home, some students go to internet bars to play games and surf the Net.

When they surf the Net, they could come across bad people.

Playing computer games and surfing the Net is not harmful, but we have to have control.

Li Lok-him

Too many men

According to the government Hong Kong's population stood at just over 6.9 million at the end of last year.

The sex ratio in the population has changed. There are now 911 males to every 1,000 females in the territory.

This means women will have a hard time finding a husband.

The government also says that two-out-of-five of the Hong Kong men who got married last year chose a wife from the mainland.

It says there are now more women than men in the territory as a consequence.

Why do men from Hong Kong not marry locals?

Women in Hong Kong are more successful than mainland women.

A lot of Hong Kong women achieve higher positions at work than men.

Most men want a sweet wife who can take good care of them. Therefore, they marry mainland women who are more subordinate than Hong Kong women.

Connie Chan

TWGHs Lui Yun Choy Memorial College

Traditional festivals

There are a lot of celebrations in Chinese culture, such as the Lunar New Year, the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival and Ching Ming Festival.

But many young people don't care about these events. They think these festivals are old-fashioned.

We must protect these festivals. They are an important part of Chinese culture.

Karen Chan Ka-tan

Christian Alliance S.C. Chan Memorial College

Career ambitions

When I was a child, I wanted to be a policeman. But as I grew older, my ambitions changed.

Now I want to be a sportsman and excel in my studies. I'll have to work hard to achieve my goals.

Gavin Cheung