Parking ban hitting profits

PUBLISHED : Friday, 14 January, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 14 January, 1994, 12:00am

ON Wednesday December 29, without warning, a Department of Transport notice prohibiting parking or loading/unloading of any sort between the hours of 7am and 7pm was put up on Wang Chiu Road in Kowloon Bay.

As a freight forwarding company, with an office in the Po Hing Centre on Wang Chiu Road, we were startled at this development, more so because we had been given no warning.

Much of our cargo is delivered to the office, before being packed and transported to the airport.

Po Hing Centre only has two spaces for vehicles loading and unloading, and given the size of the centre, is inadequate.

Whilst a survey had been carried for over two years, no one had informed the firms located in this area of the traffic problem.

Did the department research the impact it would have on the businesses located on this road? Did they approach the businesses to explain the problem, and to find a possible solution? The Department of Transport staff members that I contacted were friendly, but could not offer any alternatives.

When I approached the relevant department for a loading/unloading permit, I was told that this area does not qualify for them, and if it granted us one, it would have to do it for all the businesses on the road - why not? Surely they could stop private cars from using this road as a car park, and have a notice stating that the only stopping allowed is for loading and unloading.

When I approached the Kowloon Bay Transport Department, I was told that we could use the next closest road to unload on. This is not feasible.

Surely we will block the traffic on that road, and there are unlikely to be any vacant parking spaces close to the road junction with Wang Chiu Road if everyone has the same idea.

If the department had thought this through and liaised with the police in the first place, this action need never have been taken.

Firms located in this area are losing business. Will the Department of Transport explain why we were not informed of the problem and asked to provide a solution, not informed the sign was going up, and not provided with an alternative system? And will ittell us who will provide compensation for our loss of business? NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED