Who is your favourite singer?

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 29 April, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 29 April, 2007, 12:00am

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Jonathan Tsun, 15

Although I don't listen to music very much, my favourite singer is probably Tom Chaplin. He's probably not a name that many people know, but he's the lead singer of the English piano rock band, Keane. The combination of his mellow voice and the uplifting beats of the band create calming, yet energising music.

Kelly Osborne, 15

I don't really have a favourite singer because most of the music I listen to is by bands. It's impossible for me to choose just one but a few of my favourites are Dave Matthews Band, The Killers and The Fratellis.

Kimberley Black, 15

I think it would have to be Timbaland. Every time one of his songs come on, I have to either bob my head or dance along to his hip hop-trance. He's great.

Gayatri Karandikar, 15

It would have to be Mandy Moore. She has a beautiful voice, which convincingly conveys the emotions of the song. Her voice, combined with the enticing lyrics of her songs, is evocative and leaves the listener awed.

Daphne Tsou, 14

Kelly Clarkson because I love her lyrics and voice. Her songs are great to listen to if you're into pop/rock. I always find myself singing her songs in public, and usually get a few awkward stares from people around me.

Han Lim Kim, 14

I love a lot of singers, but if I had to choose one singer, I'd choose Rain. Firstly, he's a talented singer and a dancer. Secondly, as a fellow Korean, I am proud of him for becoming successful throughout Asia, which not many singers can do. Lastly, he's hot.

Becky Mak, 15

Michelle Branch because she is an extremely talented singer, guitarist and songwriter. Her songs remind me of the time my friend and I spent an afternoon climbing up and down the stairs in the MTR, singing her songs.

Rosedavijay Lo, 15

The Back Dorm Boys, two Chinese boys who lip-sync songs by Backstreet Boys. My favourite is Huang Yi Xin, the smaller one, because his expressions are funniest. If you don't know them, look for them on YouTube. I think the best song is Da Da Da.

Tegan Smyth, 17

I have quite a broad musical taste, from 70s rock to contemporary artists, so narrowing down one person is quite difficult. I would probably have to say Jimi Hendrix. I can listen to his soulful voice and amazing guitar skills no matter what mood I'm in. If people can multitask, who says you can't multi-think?

Maria Kulsrud, 14

Hilary Duff because every song she sings is so meaningful. They make each day easier, because they let me know other people have the same difficulties as me.

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