Trial therapy: Plateau manicure and pedicure

PUBLISHED : Friday, 04 May, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 04 May, 2007, 12:00am


What is it?

The treatments offer a thorough overhaul for your hands and feet in a luxurious setting. The manicure starts with a moisturising soak of the hands, followed by filing, removing of cuticles, an exfoliating cream and then a smothering of paraffin wax. The same goes for the pedicure.

What does the paraffin wax feel like, and what does it do?

For the feet, the wax is melted into a liquid form then applied. You're provided with plastic booties to wrap around your feet to trap the wax. It then gradually solidifies After being trapped around your feet for about 10 minutes, the paraffin wax simply peels off, leaving them feeling soft and moisturised.

Does it have the same effect on the hands?

Yes, but to trap the wax around the fingers, you have to put your hands palms down into a container of melted paraffin wax. They're then dipped in and out of the wax until a sufficient layer forms. After the wax dries, it can be peeled off.

What else was involved with the treatments?

There were also hand and foot massages with a thick moisturising cream. And the therapist offered good advice about which colours best suit your skin tone.

Did you notice a big difference in the texture of your hands and feet?

They felt softer, and the feeling lasted a few days. The treatments probably work best if your hands and feet have been through some rough times recently.

What were the surroundings like?

The treatments were in one of the Plateau rooms overlooking the harbour, which are spacious and exclusive. You can watch the ferries idle past on the water, which helps with relaxation. The rooms are also peaceful.

Where and how much does it cost?

Plateau is the Grand Hyatt's spa, 11/F, 1 Harbour Road, Hong Kong, tel: 2588 1234. The treatments last one hour and 15 minutes each - if you're having both done at the same time, it's just over two hours in all. The deluxe manicure costs HK$580 and the deluxe pedicure costs HK$620.