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PUBLISHED : Monday, 07 May, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 07 May, 2007, 12:00am

A helping hand for the elderly

Our school organises a service day every year in keeping with our school motto: 'We serve Shun Lee, we serve the community.'

On that day, all students help needy people at different venues.

This year, our group of Form Three students decided to offer assistance to elderly people who live alone.

Why do they need our help? Some think that the elderly are troublesome, so they don't care about them.

But the elderly need someone to listen to them. They also need love and care.

Helping them is very easy. Just talk to them patiently and let them express their feelings.

After taking part in the voluntary activity, I realised that if we want to narrow the generation gap, more communication is needed.

We gave our hosts souvenirs prepared by the teachers. I hope the 'gifts' can encourage them to lead happy lives.

Lam Wing-man

Shun Lee Catholic Secondary School

Give housewives a chance to shine

Some people may say that housewives should stay at home and take care of their children.

They also have to prepare meals and do all the household chores like cleaning up, washing the dishes and clothes, and ironing. But don't forget this is the 21st century.

Different people have different talents and they have a right to enjoy life.

Housewives should be able to do whatever they want. If they love dancing, they can attend classes.

In the past, men had the responsibility to support their family.

Nowadays women go to work too.

I believe women play a more important role than men, because they have to strike a balance between work and family.

As living standards rise, a family cannot rely on a man's salary alone.

Women also have to earn money.

Some may think that women are not strong enough to face the challenges. They are wrong. If women don't get an opportunity, they'll never know whether they can fulfil a task.

Housewives should be allowed to do what they want. This will give them confidence, which is the key to success.

Then they will try their best at whatever they do.

Ng Wing-yee

Kit Sam Lam Bing Yim Secondary School

More schools with lower fees needed

I'm writing in response to the article 'International schools under study' (South China Morning Post, April 16).

There should be more international schools and their fees should be reduced to attract more expatriates to Hong Kong.

According to the article, many expatriates have delayed moving to Hong Kong or decided not to come to the city because they could not find places for their children in international schools. Some of them were put off by the high tuition fees.

This is a pity because foreign professionals have been a vital part of Hong Kong's success.

If the situation continues, they will have less confidence in Hong Kong and this could undermine the territory's competitiveness.

Educators may claim that high tuition l fees mean better education standards. But there's no evidence to show that the extra revenue is being used to improve the quality of education.

On the contrary, administrative expenses could be rising.

In my opinion, international schools should reduce unnecessary expenditure and try new ways to raise funds.

To attract talented foreigners to Hong Kong, there should be more international schools with lower fees.

Wansy Ho Wan-sin

Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School

Time to think about friendship

Every day, we communicate with different people. Some are nice, but we still have to talk to those who we dislike.

Do you think the people who always chat with you, play with you or praise you are real friends?

What does a friend do? I can't give a clear answer, because we have different definitions about friendship.

There are many 'hi-bye friends' who we meet casually.

Some people think friends should know each other's habits, secrets and emotions, and stick together all the time.

My buddy knows all about me, but I don't think we should hang out all the time.

Everyone needs space for themselves. No matter how close you and your friend are, you still need to do your own things.

As the saying goes: 'A hedge between keeps friendship green.'

So what's your definition of friendship?

It's a serious question that you should think about.

Michelle Chui

Jockey Club Ti-I College

Credit card traps

Students should not be allowed to have credit cards.

According to a survey, many students had declared bankruptcy after they had used their first credit card.

How can they go bankrupt when they are only 18 years old? It is because they buy things they want but do not need.

They overspend and go bankrupt.

This is clear proof that many students lack self-control and are not mature enough to handle money.

Although credit cards are convenient, they are unsuitable for students.

Whenever a student sees a brand-name product, they buy it using their credit card.

Credit cards are different from EPS, which only allows you to buy things with the money you have in the bank.

Credit cards give young people a wrong concept about money, because they can buy things hoping that they will be able to earn that amount soon.

Credit cards can be very convenient if used properly.

But, for students, they are a dangerous temptation.

Athena Lau Hei-man

TWGHs Mrs Wu York Yu Memorial College

Mainland kids' plight

After reading an article about mainland children who are denied an education, I realised how lucky we are.

On the mainland, many children suffer from Aids and cannot go to school. They cannot even afford a pencil or a second-hand school bag. A gift of books and stationery can make them very happy.

We have too many things, and we don't treasure them. We should learn from the attitude of mainland students. We should understand that nothing comes easily in this world. It will be good if we can donate money to help the poor.

Mani Au

Wage protection

Many bosses are cutting their workers' salaries but the victims don't complain because they are afraid of being laid off.

If a minimum wage was introduced, it would show that the government cares about people from all walks of life.

This would also raise public confidence in the administration.

The scheme would mainly help cleaners and security guards at housing estates.

The government should establish a new department to evaluate wage levels and give workers a better deal.

Jenny But Yee-man

Our Lady of the Rosary College