Portrait of happy mother with just one wish - that her husband comes home

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 12 May, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 12 May, 2007, 12:00am

The gift Chu Choi Yin-ping most wants for Mother's Day tomorrow is to have her brain-damaged husband, Jacky Chu Chun-kwok, back with the family.

'My feeling is pretty much the same as last year. I believe he can recover soon and join us for a meal next year. I have faith,' Mrs Chu said.

Her husband, a police constable, remains in a semi-vegetative state after suffering brain damage from blood loss after he was stabbed in the neck while on patrol in Cheung Sha Wan in July 2005.

Despite the difficulty of rearing their 10-year-old daughter Michelle alone, Mrs Chu says it has brought them closer together.

Immediately after the stabbing, Michelle spent several months with relatives, but she wasn't happy.

'She felt I had neglected her. She said I spent less time playing with her because of daddy,' said Mrs Chu.

But Mrs Chu took Michelle back home after her husband was moved to Guangzhou to receive high-pressure oxygen treatment in September last year. 'Now we spend almost 24 hours a day together. We even sleep on the same bed,' she said.

'One night Michelle suddenly suggested a bed-time chat; now every night we will talk in bed until we both fall asleep ... Michelle told me how she felt about daddy's accident; it was the first time she had brought up this matter.'

The bedtime chat not only enabled her to understand her daughter better, but it has also reminded her of the happy days with her husband.

'Before the accident, I used to chat with him in bed every night ... The two of us were busy working, so bedtime chats allowed us to share what we did at work ... I think it helped to maintain our relationship.'

Mrs Chu's main concerns now are the recovery of her husband and Michelle's upbringing.

'A good upbringing for our daughter is very important. Jacky loves her very much. She is a treasure to us. For me, as long as Michelle has us in her heart, I am already content.'

Mrs Chu said a sign of their good relationship came when Michelle drew a portrait of her at school.

'I asked her who was the beautiful lady in the picture, and she said it was me. I was so happy that's how she thinks of me,' she said.