Have you attended tutorial classes?

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 17 May, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 17 May, 2007, 12:00am

Jessie Wong

Age 18

Top Tunes: Canto-pop, western rock 'n' roll

Yes, I went to a tutorial centre for two months for chemistry lessons. I've always been weak in chemistry. But it didn't help at all because the tutor was not very good. Tutorial classes are only useful if you study hard. If you are lazy and only want to get exam tips or hints, tutorials won't work. But then if you study hard, there's no need for tips.

Larry Tsang Age 19

Top Tunes: 1980s Canto-pop, English pop

I went to a tutorial centre once with my friends. The classes were much more interesting than school lessons. The centre also gave us notes which listed all the key points and an analysis of the syllabus. I think tutorial classes can help students who cannot keep up with their teachers in school. Bright students who work hard don't need to spend money on tutorial classes.

Spring Lee Age 12

Top Tunes: Taiwanese pop

No, but some of my friends have and they have shown improvement in school. Tutorial classes teach you effective ways to study and prepare for exams. But I wouldn't count on tips on public exam questions from tutorial centres. Tips and hints are not reliable. Tutors predict a wide range of questions and they're bound to get one or two right.

Sisi Tse Age 15

Top Tunes: R&B, US singer JoJo's songs

No, but I've had private tutoring before. I don't like tutorial centres because they are too commercial. All they want is money. I don't understand why tutors are being promoted as superstars. I think teachers should keep a low profile as they have a big influence on students. I don't believe in tips either. To get good results in exams, you have to work hard.

Cherry Choy Age 12

Top Tunes: Canto-pop

No, because I can handle my studies. Tutors teach the same things as teachers do in school. Why should I waste my parents' money? But if you lack self-discipline and don't know how to manage your time, tutorials might help. I don't think tutors have some kind of super ability to predict exam questions, but students can take their guesses as a reference so they can be better prepared for exams.