In Brief

PUBLISHED : Monday, 21 May, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 21 May, 2007, 12:00am

Queen's Pier concern group wants grading status vote

A Queen's Pier concern group has demanded a second vote to re-evaluate the grading of the historic structure and prevent a possible legal challenge in future. The pier was given grade I historic building status last month after a vote by members of the Antiquities Advisory Board. Twelve voted for grade I status, 10 for grade II and three for grade III. But the convenor of the Queen's Pier Grading Concern Group, Stephen Yam Chi-ming, said the grade I status was decided despite failing to secure more than half of the votes. 'It is legally challengeable if we consider it from this perspective - a majority vote should be more than half of the total votes. We demand the government evaluate the grading of the pier again, as more members voted against giving the pier grade I status than voted for it,' he said. 'We do not rule out the possibility of filing a judicial review regarding the decision made by the board on May 9, if the board refuses to hold a second vote.'

Travel agency closes offices

Hong Kong Link Tours travel agency is closing four of its five branches because of financial difficulties. The closures have been reported to the Travel Industry Council, which confirmed there had been no complaints about the agency. Hong Kong Link, which recently placed full-page advertisements in Chinese newspapers, caters to outbound travel to the mainland and Southeast Asia.

Jetfoils stranded in shallows

Two jetfoils carrying 400 people, one heading to Hong Kong, the other to Macau, became stranded in shallow water off Macau's outer harbour after making detours to avoid a vessel at about noon. It took an hour to ferry the passengers back to the terminal pier. No one was hurt.

Policeman hurt in family row

A policeman hurt his head scuffling with a man during a family dispute in a flat in Wan Lok House, Lok Fu. The man, 44, called police during a row with his children, aged nine to 15, about housework. He became angry after the policeman arrived and attacked the officer.