Jason Lo

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 27 May, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 27 May, 2007, 12:00am

Meat purveyor

Cologne: Hugo Boss for Men.

Suit: grey Issey Miyake three-button.

Jeans: Chip and Pepper. 'They rock.'

Shoes: Doc Marten pull-ups.

Trainers: Royal Elastics. 'I'm too lazy for shoelaces.'

Watch: Diesel with a radar-dial face. 'It gets banged up in the meat room.'

Sunglasses: Tag Heuer. 'They're comfortable, light and great for driving.'

Phone: Nokia N73. 'It has two bi-zillion functions that I don't need but I love it.'

Car: 'Well, my dream car is actually the DeLorean from Back to the Future. It time travels and runs on garbage. How much more environmentally friendly can you get?'

Book: How to Be Good by Nick Hornby.

On the playlist: The Beatles, New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Pixies, The Allman Brothers Band. 'Hong Kong doesn't have a classic American rock station, so I have to compile every-thing myself.'

Charity: Peta [laughs uncontrollably]. 'Well-treated animals taste better.'

Restaurant: Sushi Kuu. 'Everyone needs a sushi chef, the way that everyone needs love.'

Wine: a Chassagne-Montrachet. '2002 is a good year.'

Dish to cook: pork chops and rice, and red pepper macaroni and cheese.

Two items to take to a desert island: a yacht and an endless supply of xiao long bao [soup dumplings].

Always on hand: steak samples. 'I'm a meat distributor, what can I say?'

Place in Hong Kong: 'At my parents' dinner table because there's always good food and great wine.'

On the bedside table: my PSP.

Thing to do before bed: 'I talk to my girlfriend. She's the greatest person in the world.'

Famous last words: 'I hope I didn't screw it up.'