PUBLISHED : Friday, 01 June, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 01 June, 2007, 12:00am


We had lots of activities during English Fortnight in April. I joined three: oral book report competition, band show and talk show. They were fun.

Two students in my class were in the oral book report competition. They spoke confidently when they presented their book reports to Form Four students. Although they did not win the contest, they performed well.

We also joined a talk show in which Sam, the guest speaker, outlined the differences between American and British English. He encouraged us to speak English and discussed some simple English expressions with us. Afterwards, a group performed a show, and sang popular English songs. It was a great performance and everybody loved the music.

Gigi Cheng Sau-chi, F. 4AB3

A series of activities was held to celebrate our school's English Fortnight. The activities included an oral book competition, dramatic talk show and a live band performance.

It was an enjoyable two weeks. After the Easter break, we had an oral book report competition. I was among the two representatives from each class. That afternoon, I practised my oral book review over and over. I had never given a speech in English so I was afraid of making mistakes.

The contest was held in the school hall. It began with a representative from class 4AB presenting a book report. I tried to listen, but I couldn't, as I was thinking hard about my own presentation.

After about 20 minutes, my name was called. I stood up and walked slowly to the stage. I calmed myself and began my book review. But there was nothing in my brain. I couldn't remember a thing, but I knew I was so nervous that I had pinched the boy sitting next to me.

In the end, I came second and that was a real surprise.

I never thought about prizes, I just enjoyed the competition.

Later, a guest gave an entertaining speech on the importance of English.

He showed us the different spellings used in American and British English.

He told us jokes about the time he was studying in Australia and provided valuable tips on how to improve our language skills.

He helped me discover my weaknesses in English. I should try to speak up and talk to my teachers in English.

Terrence Tong Wing-yi, F. 4CD1

I think the English live band show grabbed more attention than the other activities during English Fortnight.

The show attracted Form Four students because they like music.

If students enjoy an activity, they can learn more from it. Although the show could not really help us improve our English, it offered us a good opportunity to listen to English songs in a fun and relaxed environment. I hope the school can hold this activity every year. And maybe we can invite this band again.

The talk show was also very popular. It was different from the standard talk shows. It was very funny, and the speaker showed us how we could improve our English pronunciation. Actually, it was more useful than the band show, but the students seemed to be more attracted by the music.

The talk show was interesting, but I was scared the guest speaker might ask me questions. In other programmes, we didn't need to answer any questions. We only had to listen to the speakers carefully.

I was anxious that I wouldn't be able to answer any questions. But I know it can help improve my English and I will try my best to answer the questions next time. I liked both activities and I hope more interesting English programmes will be organised next year.

Leung Yat-man, F. 4CD1

CNEC Lau Wing Sang Secondary School

About 10 Primary Six students from SKH Chai Wan St Michael's Primary School visited CNEC Lau Wing Sang Secondary School (LWS) on April 4.

It was Children's Day and we had a special treat for them. The young guests watched a play, My Side of the Story - The Desperate Step-Mum, produced by the English Drama Group at LWS.

The drama was adapted from the classic fairy-tale, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

The story revolved around the difficulties faced by a step-mum and Snow White's immature personality. This allowed the audience to have a new angle on the famous tale.

Harvey Wong and Contie Lee

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