Brand story: Nu Skin

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 05 June, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 05 June, 2007, 12:00am

What is it?

Nu Skin Enterprises was established in 1984 in Utah, and is now said to be one of the largest direct-selling companies in the world. It sells face-, body- and hair-care products. One of its companies, Pharmanex, develops and markets nutritional supplements. Nu Skin beauty products are sold in 39 countries and regions throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

What does direct selling involve?

Nu Skin operates a Hong Kong-based website, from which you can order products. Prices are in local dollars and there's information about Asian skin and detailed product explanations - more than you'd get in some stores. You can also arrange for company representatives to come to your home. Nu Skin has been selling in Hong Kong since 1991.

What's the spin?

The company's sales pitch is: 'All of the good, none of the bad'. It uses natural ingredients in its range, which includes more than 100 personal-care products and cosmetics. 'Nu Skin contains only the best and most beneficial ingredients without unnecessary fillers,' the company says.

What about the products?

Nu Skin describes them as a combination of science and nature. It prides itself on innovation without scrimping on effective anti-ageing ingredients. A big advantage is being able to buy and order locally - and the prices are reasonable, considering the ingredients. The Tru Face Line Corrector (HK$545/30ml), for example, contains pro-collagen peptides that help soften moderate to deep lines around the mouth, eyes and forehead. The Tru Face Instant Line Corrector (HK$685/15ml) is said to quickly and safely reduce the results of years of habitual facial movements. The Liquid Body Lufra (HK$145/250ml) improves skin tone with finely ground walnut husks that remove dead skin cells and surface impurities. It contains skin-softening aloe vera, but no dyes or drying additives. The DailyKind Mild Shampoo (HK$145/250ml) replenishes moisture balance. Ingredients include lactic acid for evening skin tone, grape seed extract for anti-ageing and ginkgo biloba, a natural herbal extract known for its antioxidant benefits and ability to promote circulation.

Who's behind it?

Blake Roney founded the company with several associates. Helen Knaggs leads the research and development team.

Contact details?

Go to, or call the Nu Skin hotline: 2837 7800.