What a bore

PUBLISHED : Friday, 22 June, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 22 June, 2007, 12:00am


Don't be boring by using the word 'boring' all the time. Try something different.

A. tedious (so boring it makes you want to fall asleep)

B. dull (just plain boring)

C. uninteresting (having no interest)

D. dreary (so boring it makes you a bit depressed)

E. mind-numbing (so boring it makes your mind go dead)

F. monotonous (boring because it does not change)

G. humdrum (very ordinary and having no excitement)

H. lacklustre (lacking in sparkle)

I. unexciting (having nothing exciting about it)

J. flat (boring because it's all on one level and doesn't change)

Take 'boring' out of these sentences and put in the suggested alternative.

1. I went to see Casino Royale last night. I thought it was so boring. (A)

2. Your performance was so boring tonight. (J)

3. You said this was a good book. It was so boring I gave up halfway through. (B)

4. Our new maths teacher is dreadful. His lessons are so boring. (F)

5. I don't like Madonna at all. Her songs are boring. (G)

6. Don't buy me that magazine again. All the articles are so boring. (C)

7. I thought the last Harry Potter book was boring. I won't be buying the new one. (D)

8. Wow ... Double History this morning was boring! (E)

9. Simon's party last Saturday night was totally boring. (I)

10. I usually like his singing, but on that video it was really boring. (H)


Someone has asked you what you think about the latest Harry Potter movie. You didn't like it at all. Here is what you could say.

A. It was dull and tedious.

B. What a bore!

C. It bored me to tears.

D. I'm afraid I don't share your enthusiasm.

E. It was as interesting as watching paint dry.

F. It left me cold.

G. It was as dull as ditch-water.

H. I can't see what all the fuss was about.

Now answer these questions. You find what is being asked about really boring.

1. Did you like Curse of the Golden Flower?

dull / was / it / and / tedious

2. I love Ugly Betty. What do you think of it?

bores / to / me / tears /it

3. What do you think of the DVD I lent you?

it / I / say / can't / interesting / find

4. Have you read that new music magazine I gave you?

dull / ditch-water / it / as / was / as

5. Have you read David Beckham's autobiography?

left / cold / me / it

6. What do you think of Twins' new single?

a / what / bore

7. What did you think about the football match on TV last night?

it / so / was / tedious

8. Don't you think Rain is brilliant?

sorry/ leaves /cold / he / me


Boredom is a complicated feeling and it has many causes. Here's some advice about how to work out why you are bored and then what to do about it.

Choose the correct word to make the piece of advice make sense.

1. If you are bored because you are doing something you have done many times before, try doing it in a (complicated / different) way.

2. If you are bored because you can't think of anything to do, just do anything that involves physical (activity / thinking) and that will get you going.

3. If the boring thing you have to do is a physical task you don't like, try doing it to (drama / music).

4. If you feel bored because you are tired, take a (walk / nap).

5. When you feel boredom coming on, don't sit

in a (bed / chair) or lie on your (bed / chair). Keep yourself moving.


1. It was dull and tedious 2. It bores me to tears 3. I can't say I find it interesting 4. It was as dull as ditch-water 5. It left me cold 6. What a bore! 7. It was so tedious 8. Sorry, he leaves me cold; different / activity / music / nap / chair / bed