Progress through quality and responsibility

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 27 June, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 27 June, 2007, 12:00am

In their constant efforts to improve, companies will often need to make changes to the way they operate. These changes can bring with them an element of uncertainty, but as any successful organisation knows, they must adapt to the constantly shifting environment they operate in.

K. Wah Construction Materials (KWCM), realised there was only one way to respond to the changes going on around them - and that was to change themselves, to be tireless in the search for new paths to quality and productivity.

'We sincerely believe that change, along with all the uncertainty and discomfort, really does bring opportunity,' said Joseph Chee, KWCM deputy managing director.

'What we do about today's challenges will, in large measure, determine what tomorrow brings. Our belief is not to accept change passively but to lead it - and to manage it creatively.'

He said the dedication and team spirit shown by his talented colleagues was another factor that contributed to winning the award.

KWCM supplies various types of construction material and products to Hong Kong, Macau and the mainland markets.

The company maintains a competitive edge by supplying a wide range of quality products, categorised as quarrying, ready mixed concrete, cement and slag, precast concrete products and asphalt and vertically integrated production processes. 'In our vertically integrated production lines, we consider the provision of quality and environmentally beneficial products and services externally, as well as matters of health, safety and environment internally, as key elements in our business,' he said.

In the industry, sustainable development has moved on from being simply desirable to becoming accepted as an imperative.

'Living in a way that takes full account of the social, environmental, economic, and resource management impacts that our decisions have on generations to come is a particular challenge for each one of us,' Mr Chee said.

The company's investment in environmental protection was substantial, including achieving certification to external environmental management standards, ISO 14001: 2004, he added.

'We are constantly striving to understand and reduce our environmental footprint and have for some years now implemented the 'three R's' philosophy throughout the business: reduce, reuse and recycle.

'An ever increasing number of our products using recycled materials are gaining customer acceptance, which further reduces the loading on landfill and public fill areas.

'In terms of biodiversity and geodiversity, KWCM creates many varied habitats and landforms, which together with our recycling initiatives have gained the company external awards and wide recognition.'

In the area of social responsibility, KWCM recognises that its operations form part of the local community and it strives to be a good neighbour.

In 2001 the company formed a social club to encourage employees to participate on a voluntary basis in local community projects and social service activities caring for people who are less fortunate.

The club has continuously and actively been involved in joint activities with various volunteer associations in Hong Kong.

It has a record of care in the community of which it is immensely proud.