Crash-resistant Lamborghinis? Not cars, but computers

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 27 June, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 27 June, 2007, 12:00am

If an open-top Lamborghini with a V12 engine is not an affordable option at the moment, then Taiwanese computer firm Asus has the next best available thing - a laptop Lamborghini with a V-shaped design. The tech firm previewed its latest sports car-inspired notebook at the Italian marque's shop in Wan Chai on Monday. Product manager Eric Chen Chun-wei explained that every aspect of the car - from the logo, the wheel hub, headlights, engine chips and interior leather - can also be found on the yellow laptop and more.

'The cover of the notebook is made of a material called carbon fibre which is even stronger than the material used for Lamborghini cars,' Chen said. So, if there was a crash between a Gallardo Spyder and the computer, the notebook would survive? 'Yes!' Chen agreed with a laugh.

Not surprisingly though, it won't come cheap. The Asus costs more than HK$25,000, but judging from the first collaboration with the carmaker for the VXI model, selling them won't be a problem. 'Initially, we only ordered 100 pieces for Hong Kong but the response was so good that we had to borrow 200 pieces which were supposed to be for Singapore to satisfy the demand here.'

It's believed car fan Aaron Kwok Fu-shing was among the first buyers in line last year, but Chen chose to be discreet. 'Many prominent people here bought our VX1 but it is not appropriate for me to name who they were.'