PUBLISHED : Friday, 29 June, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 29 June, 2007, 12:00am


The school's annual Speech Day was held on June 2.

There was a reception at 2.30pm, followed by the ceremony at 3pm.

Dr Ng Ho-ming, director of the Centre for Educational Leadership at the University of Hong Kong, was the guest-of-honour.

The ceremony began with an impressive video produced by students.

It highlighted changes introduced by the school to boost its learning environment.

Reverend Father Kim Dong-ju, the school supervisor, congratulated the graduates and thanked the teachers for their hard work.

In his report, principal P. L. Lau said quality education was based on integrity, perseverance and good moral standards.

The school had implemented a wide range of programmes to provide a better environment for both teachers and students, he added.

Mr Lau praised the teachers, 10 of whom received Long Service Awards.

Dr Ng said the graduates would have a bright future if they showed determination and perseverance and acted responsibly.

Amid the materialistic temptations, it was important for them to have a clear goal in life and contribute to society, he added.

Soon after the presentation of souvenirs to the guest-of-honour, the student representatives of both Form Seven and Form Five graduates delivered their vote of thanks.

The graduates staged a drama, recalling the bitter-sweet moments of their secondary school life. The performance was followed by the singing of the school song which brought the curtain down on a memorable occasion.


Bravo! Keep up your effort! You are getting close! Words of encouragement rang around the venue, where the school helds its 10th annual Swimming Contest on June 1.

It was a hot and sunny morning, as the staff and students gathered at the Tuen Mun Swimming Pool.

In his opening speech, school principal, Mr Ying, said there was a record number of participants this year.

He said swimming could help improve students' health.

Mr Ying hoped that more students would learn swimming and participate in future competitions.

Boys and girls took part in freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke events. The competition reached a climax with the inter-house, inter-class and inter-school invitation relays.

Mui Lam-sang, communication relations officer of Hong Kong police, was the guest-of-honour.

Mr Mui said he appreciated the school's effort to improve the students' discipline.

Swimming is an excellent activity which can help promote perseverance and sportsmanship, he said.

Mr Mui and Patrick Choi Wan-hoe, the school supervisor, distributed the awards and souvenirs.


The school's 23rd Open Day was held on April 27.

Sergeant Ng Kam-lin, school liaison officer, Tai Po district, and Yau Oi-yin, the school principal, attended the ceremony which began with a lion dance.

The theme of the Open Day was 'Fabulous food at TPGSS'.

Forty groups presented activities which highlighted the importance of a healthy diet.

The English department organised a display of different foods from around the world. They showed us how to choose between healthy and unhealthy foods.

The biology department focused on the benefits of bananas, while the music department explored the exciting theme of 'When music meets food'. All the exhibits were designed to be eye-catching as well as informative.

They invited visitors to explore various topics through simple, enjoyable activities.

Afterwards, the participants were able to vote for their favourite display. This year the travel and tourism department won the competition.

More than 60 primary school students attended the Open Day with their teachers.

They toured the school and viewed the display boards in the hall.

They showed great interest in the exhibits and praised the presentations.

TPGSS students, under the direction of Mr Lee, our music teacher, performed Chinese and western music.

Students also played the guitar, erhu, piano and zheng.

There was also a yo-yo performance by Chan Chun-man and a magic show by Tsang Wai-leuk, both Secondary Six students.

Guests and students alike enjoyed the excellent performances.

More than 1,000 people, including guests, parents and students, visited this year's Open Day.

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