Rafael Hui

Hui interview 'unforgettable' experience for two students

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 30 June, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 11 June, 2015, 4:06pm


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For two Shue Yan University students the chance to interview outgoing Chief Secretary Rafael Hui Si-yan was an unforgettable experience.

The spotlight fell on Katherine Chan Kei-nan and Kelvin Yip Yiu-kwan after they were selected to conduct the 'last interview' with Mr Hui before his term ends today.

The interview - done last Friday - was criticised by the Hong Kong Journalists' Association which claimed the government had set it up to deliver what it wanted.

But the two did not consider why they had been chosen - they saw the invitation as a learning opportunity.

Miss Chan, who is entering her fourth year as a journalism student, said she was flattered and surprised when told by the university that she had been chosen as one of the interviewers.

'I never thought of the issue of manipulation. To me, it is a challenge,' she said.

'My first reaction was 'What? Really? I am so honoured as Mr Hui rarely gives public interviews.' But after that, I only focused on preparing for the interview.'

Although the interview lasted for just an hour, preparing for it took much longer. The pair said it had taken them at least two weeks to draft the questions.

To ensure the interview would go smoothly, they rehearsed several times. But they stressed they had drafted all the questions themselves without interference.

Asked what was the most important thing they had gained from the experience, both said it was learning how to handle the questioning.

'I had to be very attentive to every single word Mr Hui said to get ready for follow-up questions. During the process, I discovered I had to brush up on my questioning techniques,' Mr Yip said.

The most memorable thing for both of them was Mr Hui's smile.

'His smile eased the tension,' Mr Yip said.

'He was friendly and approachable, and willing to answer all our questions.'