Walled City 'guerillas' fight on

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 20 January, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 20 January, 1994, 12:00am

DEFIANT former Kowloon Walled City residents say they will adopt ''guerilla'' tactics in their fight for greater compensation.

The 21 diehards last night said they would look for places in the Tung Tau Estate area to continue their sit-in protest and would shift from one shelter to another upon eviction by police or Housing Department staff.

Yesterday they moved to the pavement outside the estate playground at Tung Tsing Road, when more than 50 housing workers escorted by six policemen were about to remove them from the corridor outside the estate office, where many of them had stayed overnight.

The group's 18-month-old makeshift huts in a nearby garden were torn down on Tuesday.

Representative Cheng Shing-chi said: ''We will never give up and leave here even though we have to brave the cold weather and sleep on streets.

''We don't want to occupy their area but we have no choice. We will continue our action until we are paid enough compensation. The amount they offered was too little to keep pace with the high cost of living.'' They also threatened to take violent action if they were forcibly removed from public areas and had nowhere to go.

''At the moment, we will wander around here and continue our sit-in,'' Mr Cheng said.

A police spokesman said the force would act only if the Housing Department sought help.