Fund-raising dinner for orphans

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 04 July, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 04 July, 2007, 12:00am

If you can only go out for one dinner this week, make it Angels For Orphans' three-course fund-raiser for the Sunrise Children's Village in Cambodia, tomorrow at Post 97.

Founded by Australian Geraldine Cox, her Phnom Penh orphanage has been taking in homeless children since 1993 and she's now surrogate mother to more than 60 kids, all with heartbreakingly tragic stories.

'No other country touched my heart like Cambodia,' said Cox (right). 'Some of the stories are quite horrific. One recent little girl was trafficked and sold by her family to a Thai begging ring. She wasn't reaching her daily quota so they threw battery acid over her face and body to make her more appealing as a beggar. She lost an eye and an ear. She still wasn't meeting her quota so they abandoned her. We've had her for a year now and the school is thinking of jumping her up a grade or two because she's so bright. This is what lifts me. Another example is one of my former boys is now starting a law degree at Sydney University.'

Cox will be in town to speak about her biography, Home Is Where The Heart Is. The book inspired model and photographer Irena Moore and friends to found Angels For Orphans. At the dinner, Moore will be selling her photos of the orphanage and Cambodia. All proceeds will go to the Sunrise Children's Village. 'They just read my book but never met me, but decided they want to help my orphanage. It's very gratifying.'

The dinner starts at 7.30pm and it's HK$500, including a glass of wine. Call 21861817.