PUBLISHED : Sunday, 08 July, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 08 July, 2007, 12:00am

Name: Dillon Ace Travers

Age: 16

City/Country: West Bay/ Grand Cayman

Star sign: Pisces

If you've never been to Grand Cayman, you're missing out. I love living here because it's like being permanently based in a holiday resort.

Everybody is relaxed, and runs on Caribbean time - half speed. Nobody seems to sleep until four in the morning, so there's always something to do.

People from Grand Cayman have unique hobbies. For example, I was on the Great British Children's Alpine Ski Team.

I also build track bicycles and fish for hammerhead sharks off the back of my jet-ski with hand-lines.

I live in an apartment on Seven Mile Beach. The beach is lined with apartment blocks, hotels, shopping plazas and restaurants.

There is a highly developed service industry, which focuses mainly on tourism.

Teenagers in Grand Cayman are pretty independent, as well as extremely social. We get jobs during the holidays, and then walk across the island after work to go to house parties.

Lots of us also have boats, so we spend the weekends waterskiing and racing on jet-skis. We're a close-knit bunch so we pretty much live in each other's houses.

Typical Caymanian foods include spicy conch, 'island style' beef patties, coconut water, rum cake, more coconut water, and turtle - which is why the Cayman Islands used to be called Las Tortugas (Spanish for 'turtles').

It's not the same Tortuga as the one in Pirates of the Caribbean. So no, I've never met Keira Knightly.

Pirates' Week is a rather interesting holiday here. Not only is it an innocent excuse to watch Pirates, but there's a variety of fun activities.

Usually, I dress up as a pirate and then visit pirate ships or enter pirate competitions.

I live with my parents, two brothers, and one half-sister. I have a good relationship with all of them, though my Dad is very strict when it comes to my studying.

Occasionally I will do chores, but only if it means I can get out of doing something else which is more of a burden.

I don't have a pet at the moment, but I want to get a Spanish water dog.

My school life is fairly relaxed. Although I admit that I play too much of the Xbox game Halo2, I still manage to spend unhealthy amounts of time working and studying.

I only spend an average of three or four hours a day studying, but this is because some days I get no work, and some days I get eight hours of homework.

I study biology, chemistry, physics, maths, English, psychology, art and French. But none of these subjects seem important, as I want to go to law school and study offshore law. Then I want to become an attorney in Cayman.

I spend my free time cycling and playing soccer, which happens to be my favourite sport, or hanging out with my friends.

Sometimes we go for breakfast or watch movies, and sometimes we play soccer or play Halo2. Sometimes we even go to the library to study.

But most of the time we play poker and film each other doing crazy things like back-flips into a pile of balloons.

Because I've had to travel a lot, I've changed school 13 times. In fact, when I was about six years old, I lived in Hong Kong and went to German-Swiss International School.

Because I was so young, I don't remember anything about Hong Kong, but I'm more than willing to fly back over to pay another visit one day.