Old favourite returns

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 08 July, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 08 July, 2007, 12:00am

Juso Kiko Dancouga Nova (TV)

Yet another classic super-robot series has been brought out of retirement and given a modern day makeover. Juso Kiko Dancouga Nova is an update of 1985's Choju Kishin Dancouga.

Both series were made by Ashi Productions, who have also produced M.A.S.K., Macross 7, Blue Seed, Mega Man (1995) and Beast Wars Neo.

The director and mechanical designer is Masami Obari, who also designed the original Dancouga. Masami has worked as director on anime hits Bubblegum Crisis, Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture and Detonator Orgun.

The original series saw four soldiers piloting four beast machines that combined to form the super robot Dancouga, and fighting against the invading alien army of the Muge Zorbados Empire. So far, so cliched.

The 2007 version has no relationship to the original, other than the mechanical design being similar. The story is set in 2104 and small wars frequently take place. During these conflicts, Dancouga Nova appears and helps the underdog by levelling the playing field. When both sides are on an equal footing, he disappears.

One day, four new pilots are chosen. They are Aoi Hidaka, a pink-haired, undefeated Formula-Zero One racing champion, Kurara Tachibana, a blue-haired, elite narcotics investigator, the carefree Sakuya Kamon, a brown-haired, homeless man, and the blond, aloof Johnny Burnette.

Chosen by a secret organisation to pilot the Dancouga Nova, the four pilots try to keep the peace across the world. But the viewer is left with several unanswered questions. What are the motives of the secret organisation? Where did Dancouga come from? Why were these four people chosen to pilot it? And are there really no invading aliens?

Find out when this 12-part series comes to Animax Asia and onto DVD.