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PUBLISHED : Thursday, 12 July, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 12 July, 2007, 12:00am


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Respect others for who they are

Everyone wants to be respected. My elder sister told me that the older people get, the more respect they want.

They study hard to get a degree, find a high-ranking job, work to get more money, buy a flat, get a platinum credit card, wear diamonds and buy brand-name products to gain respect.

It seems hard to win respect if you don't fulfil these requirements.

My sister also said that's why people are less happy when they are older.

But respect shouldn't be so shallow. I think respecting others is one of the most basic requirements of a civilised person.

It's hard to gain everyone's respect but if you respect them, they will respect you too.

So from now on, we should learn to respect others for who they are, not what they wear.

Pessy Mo

Nurses play a crucial role in hospitals

If you could choose to be a doctor or a nurse, which would you rather be?

I think most people would choose to be a doctor, as doctors earn much more than nurses and their social status is much higher.

But I would prefer to be a nurse. Doctors help to cure patients and lessen their pain.

But doctors are too busy to talk to their patients and show they care.

Patients could feel lonely and want to leave the hospital. But they are not allowed to leave until they are recovered.

Nurses spend time talking to patients and letting them know they're not alone.

Although they may not be directly responsible for saving lives, they give patients a better quality of life while they are in hospital.

Being a nurse is hard work, but when patients smile, it will all be worthwhile.

Carol Hau Sin-yung

Christian Alliance S.C. Chan

Memorial College

Credit card sense

Most people, even many students, have credit cards. There are pros and cons to students having credit cards.

The main advantage of having a credit card is convenience.

Students don't have to carry a lot of money, so it's safer to go out. They don't have to worry about losing money.

Credit cards are also ideal for university students who have additional expenses, as they don't have to pay for everything immediately.

But the biggest disadvantage of credit cards is that many students are not mature enough to use them properly.

Young people may not think of their cards as money, so they may buy things without thinking about the cost.

Often their parents end up paying their bills.

It is important to teach young people to use credit cards sensibly. They can be very convenient, but they can also cause a lot of trouble.

Oscar Poon

TWGHs Mrs Wu York Yu Memorial College

China's Olympic boost

The 2008 Beijing Olympics are fast approaching. Next year, China will be the under the world's spotlight.

Hong Kong is lucky to be involved in the Games. I'm thrilled to be a Hongkonger at this exciting time.

China has been considered a developing country over the last few decades.

The Olympics are an excellent opportunity to prove how much China has improved.

The other benefit of organising the Games is that it will show China's friendly attitude to the world, which will be beneficial for the economy.

The greatest benefit is that it will encourage Chinese athletes to fight for a medal in their home country.

Kariv Leung

Hang Seng School of Commerce

Dating distracts

Dating is normal for young people. As puberty begins, teenagers are curious about relationships.

They are easily influenced by the media.

Many are also under peer pressure to date.

But I think most teenagers are not mature enough to date.

Young people should focus on studying. Dating will hinder their studies and affect their performance.

Teenagers who date will spend most of their time on the phone with their boyfriend or girlfriend instead of learning and doing revision.

Although most teenagers date just for fun, some of them are serious.

For those who really love each other and have a mature mind, it is acceptable for them to date.

But they should manage their time well and make sure it won't affect their studies.

Also, they should set physical and emotional boundaries so they will not get hurt.

Joyce Lee

PLK Lee Shing Pik College

New Web services

YouTube was recently acquired by internet giant Google. It is the biggest Web 2.0.

But a growing number of Web 2.0 are being set up. Nearly every day, something new appears online.

Why do so many companies set up Web 2.0 and provide free services?

Firstly, the site creators want their site to be acquired or funded by big companies.

As well as YouTube, an online word-processing service called Writely was also acquired by Google and has become Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

The video distribution networks Veoh and the online instant messaging service Meebo are also funded by large companies.

Secondly, the creators want people to sign up for their services in order to collect information for marketing or even sell it to advertising and spam companies.

Although the growing stars of Web 2.0 are appealing and we are tempted to try these freebies as fast as we can, we should think twice before we enter our information.

Do we want our personal information exposed on the internet?

Do we want our e-mail inbox filled with junk mail?

It's a personal choice. There are many benefits to these services, and originality should be encouraged.

But be careful how much information you give away.

Andy Lam Kwan-an

Hong Kong Chinese Women's Club College

Keep uniforms

I believe that students should wear uniforms.

In my opinion, the uniform upholds the school's image.

Wearing a school uniform allows people to know which school you go to.

Secondly, you can save time in the morning because you don't have to decide on what clothes you want to wear, and so you won't be late for school.

Thirdly, uniforms prevent students comparing their clothes.

If you can't afford designer clothes, you might feel jealous when you see what rich students wear.

Finally, school uniforms look tidy.

We go to school to study and not to take part in a fashion show.

It is better to be neat and presentable.

Even if you feel your school uniform is old-fashioned, try to appreciate it.

It makes school life a lot easier.

Wong Wing-sum

Our Lady of the Rosary College