Maggie's adventures a big hit

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 01 August, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 01 August, 2007, 12:00am

The colourful site features the adventures of Maggie and her fun-loving friends and family. Created by a local illustrator, Maggie is hugely popular with students, and her wide-eyed image graces many MSN dialogue boxes and wallpapers on their computers.

The site features 11 interactive games which show the bubbly Maggie in different real-life settings with her friends.

In 'Dai Pai Dong', the player has to serve Maggie and her hungry friends crabs, lobsters and shrimps stored in the restaurant's tanks.

From frying the seafood in the woks to putting the dishes on the table, the player has to race against time to satisfy the needs of the fussy young diners.

In 'Kill Time in Your Office', Maggie is turned into a lazy employee. To score points, Maggie (the player) has to do as many personal things as possible without irritating her boss. Maggie can have a facial treatment, polish her toenails, play MSN, have a nap and so on. When her boss pops up on screen, Maggie has to stop doing anything she shouldn't be doing and get back to work.

Marks are deducted if Maggie is caught neglecting her duties.

The remaining nine games on offer are set in places lsuch as a cafe, bakery, beauty parlour and nursery.

As well as playing the quirky games, users can download icons and wallpapers featuring Maggie and her 'crazy' friends. There is also a diary that contains anecdotes about Maggie's life.

Popular with both Hong Kong and overseas teens, the site has recorded more than seven million hits.