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PUBLISHED : Monday, 06 August, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 06 August, 2007, 12:00am

Suicide not the way out

Many teenagers think suicide can solve their problems.

But that is silly and selfish.

If they die they won't be able to see their family anymore, chat with their friends, play computer games or enjoy happy moments. Their family and friends will feel very upset.

If they feel stressed they should try to talk to their friends or family.

A brave person will try to solve their problems. A smart person will share their worries.

Only cowards will choose suicide.

Chuang Weichwen

Volunteer session worth the effort

One Saturday I volunteered at a youth open day.

We had prepared for six weeks and on the day there were a lot of performances and games.

I performed a very interesting part of the programme, 'Sing Language Song', where we used sign language to 'sing' a song. I didn't remember it all because I had practised for only two days.

But it was still really worthwhile.

Sunny Wong Tsz-yuk

Tsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College

Camping for fun and fitness

Some of you may think camping is a complete waste of time, that it is much more fun sitting in front of a computer or hanging out at the mall.

But camping is fun.

It is gruelling staggering up a hill with all the supplies on your back and sometimes the weather suddenly changes. But once you get to your destination and breathe in the fresh air, all the pain and fatigue flies away.

Data shows Hong Kong children are getting fatter and less healthy. I think the problem is a lack of exercise.

How can anyone get fit by being a couch potato day after day? How can someone be healthy when computer games are their only pastime? Can a child have strong lungs when he breathes in only the stale air of malls? No.

You can go jogging, which doesn't cost anything and is convenient. Or you can try swimming, skipping, playing ball games - the list is practically endless.

But I still prefer hiking and camping. It teaches you to look after yourself, co-operate with others and learn survival skills.

Most importantly, it is fun.

Go down to the nearest shop and get a rucksack and a decent pair of shoes. You'll need those to keep up with your friends once they are fit.

Priscilla Shum

CNEC Christian College

Lesson in studying

I have a friend who always comes first in the class in exams.

He works hard and has a very good way of studying.

He listens carefully in every lesson and takes down notes of the main points to help him with revision.

During recess and lunchtime he does his homework, which he tries to do without looking at his books.

He revises the work twice before an exam, once in the week before the exam and the second time the day before.

He also sets a target for himself. For example, he plans to revise Chinese and English today or science in two hours. He gives himself a reward for reaching the target.

You should try this; maybe you will get better results in your next exam.

Most importantly, do not let yourself get too stressed.

Tappy Woo

The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

Technology a winner

I believe technology can make everything possible.

I love football and for a long time was hoping that designers would come up with a boot that I could wear on both soft and hard ground.

Two years ago they did.

It proves that nothing is impossible.

Ryen Ma Kwun-yim

TWGHs Lui Yun Choy Memorial College

Labour before love

A recent survey showed that Hong Kong women are marrying when they are older.

I believe many feel that getting married does not mean their life will be perfect.

Because women's status in society is now equal with men, they also want to have a career.

But if they get married early they will be bogged down with family responsibilities, such as housework and caring for babies. Their career will be affected and they will miss many opportunities.

The result is they delay marriage because they don't want their careers destroyed by marriage.


Beauty not skin deep

Many people have plastic surgery in their pursuit of what they consider is a perfect appearance.

Also, they spend a lot of money on fitness centres, makeup and staying slim.

But people forget the true beauty which is inner beauty. Our outside appearance can be changed by man-made means but our inner beauty is natural and precious.

If a woman is kind and courteous but not beautiful she can make many friends because everyone will like her.

But, if a woman is beautiful but arrogant, I think she won't have many friends.

We should take care of our looks but we don't need to spend too much doing so.

If you want to keep fit, you can do exercise such as running, skipping and swimming.

Drinking more water and eating more vegetables also gives us healthy bodies and good skin.

And forget too much makeup. A natural face is more beautiful than one with too much makeup.

Catherine Li Kit-Ying

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Lui Yun Choy Memorial College

Path to success

Diligence, devotion and perseverance will help us reach success.

Diligence removes ignorance, overcomes difficulties and enlightens us. We must carry out our duties efficiently. A persistent spirit is needed to help a person be successful.

Devotion means concentrating when doing a task. We must know which thing to do first and not try to do every thing at the same time.

Perseverance can also make success a certainty. If we study or work day after day, there is nothing that cannot be achieved. The happiness derived from doing noble deeds is immeasurable. Happiness itself is success.

No success can be achieved without hard work. Success is simply the fruit of work.

Tsang Tsz-Wun

TWGHs Lui Yun Choy Memorial College

A teacher's lot

Teachers say they are under great pressure, suffering physical and mental fatigue.

The major sources of their stress are high standards and naughty children.

Teachers must have high qualifications and then keep taking courses to improve themselves.

Also, they do not have enough time to relax because of all their commitments to students.

In order to relieve stress, teachers should join more extra-curricular activities during their free time to help them relax.

They should share their problems by talking to other teachers, friends and family.

Teachers should tell students what they are thinking about and let them know more about themselves. It will help improve their relationships.

Finally, teachers need to get enough sleep.

Sum Choi