Exam star joins the smart set

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 09 August, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 09 August, 2007, 12:00am

The star of this year's Certificate of Education Examination, Ho Hoi-lam, 14, who scored eight A grades, a Level 5* in Chinese and Level 5 in English, has joined a number of famous people in the smart league.

Hoi-lam has an IQ of 130 - just two behind Silence of the Lambs actress Jodie Foster - which puts her officially in the gifted category and ahead of 98 per cent of the population.

But many stars and famous personalities score even higher.

Pop star Madonna, author Jean M. Auel and actress Geena Davis have IQs of 140 - very gifted - according to the Stanford-Binet intelligence scale for adults, a standardised test that assesses intelligence and cognitive abilities.

Actress Sharon Stone and inventor Sir Clive Sinclair rank 150 (genius); Microsoft chief Bill Gates, actress Jill St. John and physicist Stephen Hawking have IQs of 160-plus (high genius); and highest geniuses (180-200) include actor James Woods, US President George W. Bush's former chief of staff John H. Sununu, former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, chess champion Bobby Fischer and former South Korean child prodigy Kim Ung-yong, who scored 210.

The world record, according to Guinness World Records, is US columnist, lecturer and playwright Marilyn vos Savant, 60, who is said to have an IQ of between 228 and 230.

A score of 115 to 124 is above average.