Disco Bay to overhaul pipes system after 5-day breakdown

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 26 August, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 26 August, 2007, 12:00am

Managers of Discovery Bay are proposing an overhaul of its water pipes system after technicians took five days to repair a burst main.

At least half of all households were left without flushing water after an ageing pipe supplying Beach Village and the north side of the Lantau town burst on Friday, August 17. The supply was resumed at 5pm on Tuesday.

Residents complained they were given no updates or explanation throughout the stoppage and accused the management of being uncommunicative and secretive.

Flat owner Kimberly Nelson, of Greenbelt, Greenvale Village, said: 'It was a huge inconvenience - I have a two-year-old at home. There was little to no communication from management on why or when it would be fixed. When a friend contacted them on Sunday morning to find out if they were working on the problem, they were told: 'Not today. It is a holiday and it is not an emergency'.'

Wes Gdowski, of Greenwood Court, Greenvale Village, said a notice that was posted on Friday night warning supplies were off 'until further notice' had been the only communication from management.

'This is another example of the extraordinarily secretive mode of operation of the Discovery Bay management,' he said.

A spokesman for Hong Kong Resorts International and its subsidiaries, which jointly manage Discovery Bay, said: 'Six technicians were deployed daily to try to repair the underground pipe. Work never stopped until the pipe was fixed. The cracked pipe was more than 3 metres below ground level. Only manual digging was possible because there were other underground utilities pipes and extreme care was necessary. Discovery Bay Services Management Ltd [DBSML] had issued a notice to all affected residents as a matter of urgency on the Friday night. But it had not been possible to commit to a definite date or time for completion of the repairs because of the technical complexity of the work.

'However, DB residents can always call the DB Customer Services Centre to check the progress of the repair work,' he said.

'To minimise the affected area if a similar incident occurs in future, DBSML will install separation valves at different locations in the pipe network. And subject to the approval of owners, it will also recommend replacement of the old flushing and potable water pipes phase by phase.'