Court bid to set up Kotewall awards

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 30 August, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 30 August, 2007, 12:00am

Prominent physician Brian Hormus George Choa is applying in the High Court to set up several educational funds with the estate of the late Bobbie Kotewall, daughter of the late Sir Robert Hormus Kotewall.

Filing the summons in the Court of First Instance on Tuesday, Dr Choa, a neurologist, applied for a variation of the Charitable Trust held by the Kotewall's estate.

Without giving details of Kotewall's will in the summons, Mr Choa launched the application in his capacity as the executor of the estate while the government was named as the respondent in the proceeding.

According to the summons, Mr Choa intended to offer HK$100,000 to the University of Hong Kong to establish a student prize named as 'Sir Robert Kotewall Memorial Fund'.

Another HK$100,000 would be offered to Chinese University to set up a 'Lady Kotewall Prize', while HK$100,000 would be offered to Polytechnic University to establish an 'Esther Kotewall Memorial Fund'.

The Council of St Paul Co-educational College Charitable Trust would receive HK$100,000 to create the 'Bobbie Madeleine Florence Kotewall Award' - for teachers' improvement and staff development.

Apart from the educational funding contributed to schools, Mr Choa intended to offer HK$30,000 to the General Nursing Fund of the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital Limited to support further education for nurses.

Some members of the Kotewall family spend years dedicating themselves to public service.

Bobbie Kotewall, formerly the principal of St Paul Co-educational College in 1952, was one of Hong Kong's educational leaders. She graduated from HKU with a degree in education in 1939 and died in December 1996.

Sir Robert Kotewall, who died on May 23, 1949, entered government service in 1896. In 1923 he began a 12-year stint as an executive councillor. He also received an honorary degree of doctor of laws in 1926. Kotewall Road was named after him.