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PUBLISHED : Monday, 03 September, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 03 September, 2007, 12:00am

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Siow Chee-leong of Ap Lei Chau received a bill from i-Cable in July, charging him more than HK$1,000 for failing to return the converter and modem he had rented from the company. But Mr Siow said the charge was ridiculous as the company never told him where to return the equipment.

'My 18-month contract with i-Cable was extended for another month much against my wishes. I made four attempts to have the service terminated on time but they used the billing cycle condition as the excuse.

'In fact, the only time I came to know of this condition was when I received the termination form. Initially, I refused to pay for the additional month of service which I did not require. Yet my wife said that HK$242 was not worth the stress.

'When I sent them the cheque, out of concern, I included a note to request them to collect the converter and modem from my apartment because I was not informed of where to return the equipment. But to my horror, I received a bill for HK$1,360 for non- return of equipment.

'Before I left HK on July 13, I tried several times to contact i-Cable but to no avail. When I returned on August 12, I received a demand letter to pay within 30 days, failing which I would be referred to a tribunal.

'i-Cable must be the only company to sue a customer without basis. The termination form states clearly that i-Cable has a duty to inform me as to where to return the equipment. This they failed to do. How on earth can they make such an incredible demand when the fault is clearly theirs?

'However, in order to put an end to all the harassment, my wife called the number in the demand letter and after much difficulty, was told to return the equipment to 139 Wing Lok Road. When told about this, one of their men said: 'You still have to pay, you still have to pay. It is your job to find out where to return the equipment.' Such is the high-handed attitude of i-Cable.'

A spokesperson of i-Cable said they had collected the set top box and cable modem rented to Mr Siow and his wife. The company also promised to refund the administration charge for the collection.

For health reasons, George Haylett booked the weekly delivery service of organic vegetables from The Organic Farm. Yet he and his wife began to doubt if they were really getting better quality when they found part of the delivered products had rotted just one day after they arrived at their home.

'For the last couple of months, our household has been purchasing a weekly home delivery of what is claimed to be 'fresh organic produce' from The Organic Farm. It costs about HK$120 a week.

'The delivery is this Tuesday. Yet today, just one day after, I took a look at what we received. There are vegetables that are already rotten, some that are very close and some that are obviously not prime.

'In fact, of the remaining vegetables I checked today, we would only like to pay for two among the total of nine items if they were offered in a supermarket.

'I am wondering if I was the only unlucky person to have had such an experience. Or maybe it is because organic vegetables deteriorate faster than regular veggies.

'But it seems a bit unusual for the delivered items to be rotten the following day.'

A spokesperson for The Organic Farm said they had told Ms Haylett who registered their service in June that summer was usually the worst time for harvest, especially after rainfall and a typhoon, and the harvest will be good later this year.

'I also told her that leafy veggies are easily rotted in this weather,' he said.

He said Ms Haylett had once complained about the quality of some products delivered to her and the company immediately replaced them.

'All our customers know that such situations always happen with organic veggies during summer time,' he said, adding that the company had received three similar complaints this year.

Yet the spokesperson also cast doubt on the way that Ms Haylett preserved the vegetables.

'If the veggies rotted just one day after delivery, I really doubt that they have kept them in a proper way,' he said. 'We provide fresh veggies to all our customer every day. They are bought from farmers on the same day and should remain fresh for at least a couple of days.'

The company agreed to offer a refund to Ms Haylett or to replace the rotten vegetables.