In the hot seat

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 09 September, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 09 September, 2007, 12:00am

When attending a business meeting, it is preferable to sit with your back to the wall, facing the entrance. Regardless of whether you are the host or a guest, you should not sit with your back to the door, or near it. When this is not possible, try to adhere to the following guidelines.

Seats that are parallel to the entrance are acceptable if they allow you to see who is entering the room. Sitting with your back to the window leaves you vulnerable unless there is some barrier behind you, such as drawn curtains. Alternatively, position yourself in front of the solid walls between windows. You should also avoid sitting in the seat nearest the toilets.

Meanwhile, you should take note of the ceiling above your seat. Do not sit under beams or protrusions such as fans, air-conditioning units or lights. Do not sit directly at the corners of the table as this will cut positive energy directed toward you. Some fung shui masters even advocate taking a compass to meetings so you can tap into your favourable directions. However, negative effects exerted by visible structures will nullify the benefits of directions. With these principles in mind, it is preferable to be early for important meetings so you can grab the most fortuitous seat.