Look out - we're back

PUBLISHED : Friday, 14 September, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 14 September, 2007, 12:00am

Four veteran indie rockers - with the help of former Beyond bassist Steve Wong Ka-keung - are storming the stage with a new album that aims to cause an uproar on the Chinese rock music scene.

Vocalist Sammy So Ho-choy, drummer Michael Chu Wai-chor, bassist Kao Yiu-fung (aka Kao Fung) and guitarist Robin Law Ho-pan have formed a band called Kolor and recently released an album titled Color.

The band are familiar faces to rock fans. So and Chu were members of the now-defunct Lam Kee, and Kao played for

Tat Flip, the band signed by Beyond's production company Rear House in 2000.

'This [Kolor] is an opportunity. I once had a similar chance before [in Lam Kee] but I didn't manage it well. Maybe I was too young and lacked experience,' says So.

After Lam Kee disbanded in 2003, So continued to write songs and record demos.

Wong, impressed by the quality of So's music, decided to help him produce an album.

The finished product is a collection of melodic rock songs with lyrics about dreams, love and the pain of war.

Cast in the same musical mould as Beyond, Kolor mix rock and pop in an attempt to lure fans of both genres.

Their new style is a sign of maturity, say the rockers.

'As we grow older, we are maturing. In the past, we were impulsive. But over the years

we have gained more life experience, and we now have different feelings towards life,' says Chu.

For the time being, Kolor are playing as Wong's backing band while performing as many live shows as possible to promote their music. The band is eyeing the mainland market in particular.

'The mainland economy is just taking off and people have a strong sense of curiosity about everything and are very willing to absorb and learn. From fashion to music, China [in terms of vitality] is similar to Hong Kong in the 1980s,' says Chu.

Kolor ultimately aim to equal what Beyond achieved in the 80s and 90s. 'Beyond gave me confidence. They showed that a band can survive in Hong Kong and play good rock 'n' roll,' says Kao.

Kolor also intend to carry on Beyond's tradition of inspiring a younger generation of Chinese rockers. 'I hope after mainland audiences listen to our music, they will pay more attention to the local band scene or start learning an instrument, like I did when I listened to Beyond,' says Law.