Dance Forest: Self - Forgetful

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 02 October, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 02 October, 2007, 12:00am

Dance Forest: Self - Forgetful

Andy Wong & Taiju Matsumoto

Fringe Club Studio, Central

Reviewed: Sept 27

Dance Forest - an ongoing project between choreographers/dancers Andy Wong Ting-lam and Tokyo's Taiju Matsumoto - is in its third year. It began in 2005, when the artists decided they would meet every year, come hell or high water, to rehearse and perform new works over a decade. Unlike the previous two instalments, this year's show has a theme: forgetfulness.

The hour-long performance comprised eight pieces, the first setting the solemn and dreamy tone of the evening.

Emerging from the dark, the two dancers moved in silence before the ambient electronic music from British label em:t came on. It sounded like a religious chant and gave context to the piece. Matsumoto used his body to form different shapes as if to provide a textual commentary to the monotonous track.

Over the Affection shows how intuitive and familiar the pair has become choreographically. The duet would have been impossible without that understanding. The piece looked effortless, with each gliding over and under one another without a moment of doubt.

The duo also experimented with props, most notably a large sheet of white satin, which was hung at the far end of the stage. Air blowing from a fan behind the fabric created different shapes. One moment the air pockets resembled clouds then became shapes symbolising mist and forgotten memories.

Dance Forest: Self - Forgetful is a moving piece about love, the past and loss. Some may find Wong's work a tad too sentimental but that's balanced by Matsumoto's more laddish presence and quirky humour.