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PUBLISHED : Monday, 08 October, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 08 May, 2015, 12:02pm

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Frankie Or received an Agnes b. wallet from his girlfriend for Valentine's Day. Yet part of the leather wallet broke six months later, which has shattered his confidence in the brand.

'I write to express my dissatisfaction regarding the poor product quality and service attitude of Agnes b. On February 14, my girlfriend purchased a wallet from an outlet of Agnes b. in Kwun Tong and sent it to me as a Valentine's Day's gift, which cost HK$1,180. However, just after less than half a year, I found the plastic cover on the photo-display area of the wallet was cracked and could not be used anymore.

'So my girlfriend and I returned to the shop on August 11 to seek a solution. However, the sales representative was really rude. She just kept cleaning displayed bags instead of turning to me for a talk when I told her about the situation.

'She said she could not help us and suggested we call the customer hotline. When I rang the hotline two days later, a polite staff member surnamed Tsang listened to our story patiently and promised to investigate the case before giving us a reply. We therefore dropped the wallet in at an Agnes b. shop as suggested by Mr Tsang for their examination. Yet I did not get any response from Mr Tsang after one week. So I had to call again and Mr Tsang said he would let us know the result soon.

'I got Mr Tsang's call on August 21. He told us that they had never received complaints from other customers about this problem, so there should not be any inherent fault in the wallet.

'This is ridiculous. I cannot imagine any products under such big brands and being sold at such a high price could be broken so easily ... So I asked Mr Tsang to report my case to his manager. But it seemed my request went unheeded. 'What I am seeking is a refund from Agnes b. rather than a replacement, since I have lost confidence in this brand.'

A customer service officer from Agnes b. Hong Kong said they had tried to have Mr Or's wallet repaired, but failed after they found the broken part was on the plastic cover, which could not be mended by the repairman. He said they could not give Mr Or a refund, adding: 'We apologise for the inconvenience caused to Mr Or. But we only offer a repair service for our products sold beyond the guarantee period. As this is the only complaint we've got about this problem so far, we have reason to believe it is not a quality problem of our products.'

On August 27, we ran a letter from Macau-based writer Jennifer Welker, who had failed to get a ticket for a top-class tennis match to be held at the newly opened Venetian Macao because of the hotel's overloaded booking system.

But she did not expect that her letter would be seen by the chairman of Las Vegas Sands, the parent company of Venetian Macao Limited, on his private jet. More tickets were finally released to public.

'One month ago, just ahead of the Venetian Macao opening, I wrote a letter to your column regarding the difficulties consumers faced purchasing tickets online and by phone. Sheldon Adelson, founder of Las Vegas Sands Corp, read the article on board his private jet to Macau.

'When he landed, Adelson contacted his director of operations, Steven Hicks, to find out what happened. Hicks called me the night before the Venetian opened to apologise and to assure me that his colleagues would keep me informed as to the availability of tickets for tennis and other events.

'He has kept his word. Thanks to the directors of ticketing and inbound marketing ... consumers will have another option for purchasing tennis tickets. For [Roger] Federer fans willing to spend a bit more, starting on October 2, the Venetian will be offering several two-night packages on November 23-25.'

Ms Welker sent details of packages, which cost between HK$3,388 and HK$4,888. They can be booked through the Venetian Travel Ltd office at the Venetian Macau in person, by phone (853-983-8602/8603), or by e-mail to

She also wanted to pass some tips to those who want to attend the Black Eyed Peas concert at the hotel on October 27. 'As I write, people are once again overloading the online booking system at and the telephone hotline for tickets to the Black Eyed Peas concert. When online bookings don't work or the telephone hotlines are busy, the only option ... is to have someone make the purchase for you at the Sands or Venetian Macau ... let's hope the kinks ... can be ironed out soon.'