Holiday in Cebu

PUBLISHED : Monday, 08 October, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 08 October, 2007, 12:00am

Paper 1a Finding the correct information Read the short texts on the page about the island province of Cebu in the Philippines and then answer the questions which follow. Decide whether the statements are true, false or the information is not given.

General information (1)

Cebu in the Philippines is the perfect holiday destination. Cebuano is the local language, but English is the most widely used language for business. The weather is lovely from December to May. From December to February it is pleasantly cool, but after that temperatures rise and it is hottest in May. From July, the rainy season makes life a little unpleasant.

For holiday-makers casual dress is normal, but you should not visit churches in shorts or sleeveless tops.

The currency is the peso. Only large hotels and shops accept credit cards. Business hours are from 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday. Shops stay open till late.

Buses and brightly painted jeepneys are common and cheap. You can also hire taxis.

Tipping is expected by taxi drivers, waiters, hotel porters etc. Five to 10 per cent is usual.

Local dishes (2)

kinilaw - vegetables, especially tomatoes, with raw fish, in a sauce of chilli, coconut milk and other things

tinola - a soup of spring onions, tomatoes, chilli, garlic, ginger and herbs

inun unan - a fish cooked in garlic and vinegar

mangos served fresh, dried, and with budbod (sticky rice and coconut milk)

Be careful when you eat. Cebuans are not afraid of chilli and may put in more than you can bear!

Places to visit in Cebu City (3)

a) Basilica Minor del Santo Nino - this is an early 17th century building, the home of a famous statue of the Virgin Mary. Please dress respectfully.

b) The Magellan Cross - a famous landmark, first set up by the Spanish explorer Magellan in 1521.

c) Taoist Temple - a popular attraction high on a hill that looks down on part of the city and reminds one of the many Chinese connections Cebu has.

d) Fort San Pedro - an old Spanish fort. It has been lived in by soldiers, used as a prison and even was once a zoo. The Fort contains a museum with objects brought up from the San Diego on the sea-floor; also Ming bowls and vases and old weapons.

e) Kawasan Falls - about 115 km from the city, these beautiful waterfalls are well-worth visiting. A 30 min walk will take you from the entrance along a steep, narrow path to the waterfalls which you can sail close to on a bamboo raft. Swimming and picnicking are also a good idea.

Blue Bay Hotel (4)

all rooms fully air-conditioned

cable TV

Manila Restaurant - buffet. Open 24 hrs a day

Beach Restaurant - seafood by the sea

The Pier - bar

20 km from Cebu City and 10 km from airport

Special package

3 days/2nights

buffet breakfast

transport to and from airport

welcome drinks

one-hour use of canoe

children under 10 are free of charge

discounts in beauty shop


non peak times (June - December)



deluxe single - 9,000 pesos per person

deluxe twin - 7,000 pesos per person

tax included

Golf (5)

Mimosa Club - An old American course with views of Mount Pinatubo. Famous tricky sixth hole. Par: 72

Eastwoods - new course designed by top golf players. Steep slopes. Par: 72

Wall Club - running along the old walls of a fortress, this is a most unusual course. Par: 60

Decide whether the statements are true, false or the information is not given.

Text 1

1) Quite a few people in Cebu City speak Chinese

2) Tourists will have no trouble if they can speak English

3) April is a hot month

4) August is a dry month

5) You can pay for meals and general shopping with your credit card

6) Taxis have meters

7) A tip of 5 pesos would be acceptable after a taxi ride costing 100 pesos

Text 2

1) The Basilica Minor was built around 1710

2) The Taoist Temple is built on a hill

3) You can see many different animals in the Fort

4) The San Diego was a ship which sank

5) Kawasan Falls have three levels

6) Kawasan Falls are suitable for all types of visitors

Text 3

1) Cebuan food is spicy/hot

2) Tomatoes are popular

3) Mangos are cheap

4) Pork is a common meat

Text 4

1) The Beach Restaurant opens in the evening only

2) The Blue Bay Hotel is some distance from the sea

3) You can order a meal in the hotel any time you like

4) The room rates are given before government tax of 15 per cent

5) A father and mother with an eight year-old daughter sharing a twin room would pay 18,000 pesos

6) There is a nightly disco

Text 5

1) The sixth hole on the Mimosa course is difficult

2) The Eastwoods course fee is the highest

3) The Mimosa course is the easiest

4) The Wall Club is the oldest


Text 1

1. not given, 2. not given, 3. not given, 4. false, 5. false, 6. not given, 7. true

Text 2

1. true, 2. true, 3. false 4. true, 5. not given, 6. false

Text 3

1. true, 2. true, 3. not given, 4. not given

Text 4

1. not given, 2. false, 3. true, 4. not given, 5. false, 6. not given

Text 5

1. true, 2. not given, 3. false, 4. not given