PUBLISHED : Monday, 08 October, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 08 October, 2007, 12:00am

Friends are very important

Do you have friends? I think friends are very essential to life. If you don't have many friends, I recommend you take action right now. If you don't, you will regret it forever.

If we are upset or frustrated, we can ask our friends for help. They will never refuse our request.

If you don't have a job in the future, friends may be able to help you again. They can introduce you to influential people who can help you find work.

But, if your friends can't help you for whatever reason, you shouldn't force them to do so.

You should put yourself in their shoes and understand their situation. Finally, remember that you can't count on your friends forever.

Lai Chun-yat, Christian Alliance S. C. Chan Memorial College

Focus on lessons, not image

Advertisements of tutorial schools are almost everywhere. They are splashed across newspapers and magazines, as well as trains and public buses.

The ads include massive pictures of well-dressed teachers with 'special teaching methods'. They claim that all their students do very well in public examinations.

I disagree with this trend where tutorial schools are more concerned about their image rather than their students.

There is also fierce competition among these centres and they try their best to tarnish their rivals' reputation.

I think tutorial teachers should do more to help their students gain good marks in exams.

Bigger, more colourful ads do not guarantee success.

I suggest that tutorial teachers concentrate on their lessons rather than their image.

Kathy Ching Ka-sin, Leung Shek Chee College

Time to smile

Boys who cry are weak and they do so in order to gain sympathy from others. Do you agree?

I believe that crying is a way to express our feelings.

But we should not do this too often, especially in front of others.

It is important to be strong in the face of adversity.

So it is better to maintain a 'sweet smile' all the time.

Starting from today, try to bring happiness to the people around you.

Wong Man-hei

Good deal for TV fans but watch out

Hongkongers have a good choice of TV channels which offer some interesting programmes.

Cable TV is my favourite because it has a lot of movie channels.

My family and I also watch its 24-hour news and weather channels.

Besides, I like Pearl's Deal or No Deal, a famous game show that tests our brain power.

When I am 18 years old, I think I would join this competition.

Sometimes I watch TV the whole night and forget to do my homework. Although TV programmes are very interesting, we must not be addicted to them.

Watching too much TV can affect our studies, while our eyesight could also suffer.

I need to control myself because I don't want to wear glasses which will make me look ugly.

Cherry Leung

Wait for love

I believe that everybody wants love. This is a natural instinct. But does it mean that we have to find a mate in a hurry?

Nowadays, people change their partners very often. They fall in love in one day and separate after one week.

They keep doing such silly things and waste their time and money.

Love is not urgent. We should find the most suitable person for us. He or she may appear late or may not be immediately noticeable.

But we don't have to worry. We can surely find that person one day. God has already arranged our Mr Right or Ms Right for us.

We should be patient.

Jeanne Shih, Christian Alliance S. C. Chan Memorial College

Knowledge offers way out of poverty

I am writing in response to the article 'Fight for the right to read' (Young Post, September 12).

I really appreciate John Wood's donation of books to illiterate children in some of the world's poorest regions. This is great news for all teenagers who are eager to receive an education.

Millions of children in Asia and Africa cannot go to school because their parents don't have money. Hence, the illiteracy rate in those countries is extremely high.

On the other hand, some Hong Kong children neglect their studies. When they have free time, they prefer playing computer games to reading or studying.

This trend must be reversed as we should cherish our opportunity to have a good education.

'Education is the ticket out of poverty,' said Mr Wood. I totally agree.

Poverty can be eradicated by gaining more knowledge.

Amy Lau Yuk-ching, Leung Shek Chee College

Balance extra classes with studies

It is not unusual for a primary school student to have passed the eighth grade piano exam these days.

Some parents are forcing their children to take extra lessons simply because others are doing it.

Is it really essential for children to learn so many things and achieve excellent results in their extra-curricular activities? This can put them under too much pressure and affect their academic standards.

They need to strike a right balance between their after-school activities and studies. This can help reduce stress among students.

Joscelin Yeung, Diocesan Girls' School


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