Question of the week: If you could have a special power, what would you choose?

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 11 October, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 11 October, 2007, 12:00am

Galvin Chia Kau-yun, 17, Chinese International School

I'd choose to be able to run at superhuman speeds. Imagine being able to run home from school in the blink of an eye, or to win any race you participated in! I think super-speed would also be of great practical use - I'd be able to run to places in Hong Kong, rather than drive or take public transport on our often congested roads.

Lai Cheuk-wai, 16, Fanling Kau Yan College

I would want my every wish to come true. All I have to do is to make a wish and everything would be ok. Whenever I wanted anything, for example if I wanted to get something or change someone's mind, simply making a wish would be enough. I could wish to improve the environment, so there would be no more contradictions between development and nature. It would be easy, powerful and useful!

Shruti Srinivasan, 16, Delia School of Canada

I want to be able to fly! I know this sounds really obvious, but it's the one thing I long to do. I love the idea of flying in the sky and feeling the wind on my face, the clouds around me and the golden sunlight and moonlight on my skin. Flying makes me feel free. Oh, and I could drop coconuts on my enemies' heads if I wanted to!

Chan Kin-kan, 15, Diocesan Boys' School

What is precious? Gold? Diamonds? I think it is 'time'. If I could control it, I would have a lot more time to spend on studying, working and playing! Life would be much easier when I've got 48 hours a day. So you say: 'Hey, it's impossible!' And I say: 'Yeah, you're right. That's why I need to stop dreaming and treasure my time right away!'

Tanya Mehta, 14, Delia School of Canada

The special power to make everyone happy, including the poor, the old and infirm, the underprivileged or the physically challenged. Anger would be history. The streets would be full of people singing and dancing. The rich would help the poor, the strong would help the weak. Nobody would be without food or love. No countries would go to war, no people would fight. I wish I had the powers to do just that.

Hwa Young Kim, 15, Chinese International School

I would definitely want to have the power to read other people's minds. Life would then be so much simpler, because you would know exactly what other people were thinking and what they wanted. This would especially help in school situations, as you would know what the teacher is asking for in an assignment, or what questions would appear in an exam paper. With the new power, I'm sure I would be able to better understand others.

Sonia Chandiramani, 14, St Margaret's Co-Ed English Secondary School

Having grown up watching Charmed and That's So Raven, possessing superpowers were always my dream! Like Hiro from Heroes, I'd like to teleport from different places and freeze time. I wouldn't want to misuse my powers though, because that would backfire on me. I' d love to have the power to educate people, as illiteracy is often the root cause of many disputes.