PUBLISHED : Thursday, 11 October, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 11 October, 2007, 12:00am

Don't lose your individuality

Many young people feel lost unless they are following a trend. They do what their friends do and dress how their friends dress.

You do not need to be a follower to have friends. You should have your own style and be confident of your own beliefs.

Our principal once said that we should not be afraid to be different and do things differently.

She asked us, 'If your friends want to cheat in an exam, will you follow them?'

While it's nice to have some things in common with your friends, it's important to be an individual.

Charine Chan, Pooi To Middle School

Relationships need protection too

People are becoming more aware of the importance of environmental protection. They recycle more and use less.

But it's not just the environment that needs protecting in order to ensure a bright future. We need to work on protecting relationships with other people.

If we protect the Earth but ignore relationships, we will have a beautiful world that we can't share with anyone.

Many people are unsure how to build relationships.

But it is very easy. We need to talk. Talking is an easy way to get to know people.

We need to talk to our family first. This is the best place to start building relationships. If we spend even a few minutes a day talking to our parents and siblings, we will be able to know then as friends, not just family.

After that, we should focus on getting to know our friends even better, we can enjoy our wonderful world with people we love.

Oliver Lo, Pooi To Middle School

The return of my missing wallet

Last week, I lost my wallet. When I realised it had gone, I was worried.

I was worried on two levels. Not only would I have to apply for a new ID card, Octopus card and other important membership cards, which could cost about HK$1,000, I also lost valuable stuff in my wallet, such as photos with my schoolmates and cards from my friends.

I was desperate to find my missing wallet.

For several days, I had to live with the knowledge that my carelessness had caused me so much sorrow.

But my story has a twist. Four days after the disappearance of my wallet, I got a call from a stranger telling me my wallet had been found at Chinese University.

I was so surprised to hear that news, but soon my treasures were back in my hands.

I would like to thank the people who found my wallet and let me know it was safe. It was so kind of you to help me.


Friendship is essential

When I was a little girl, I was very shy and quiet. I was afraid of talking to other people. Even though I wanted to play with my classmates in kindergarten, I would never ask them to play with me.

I only had two or three friends in kindergarten because I was too shy to make more.

But when I went to primary school, some friendly classmates changed my life. They talked and played with me.

We became friends and played together every day. I felt really happy. Their friendship made me less shy.

I think that friendship is amazing. It can make a shy child like me happy. Friends can give us a lot of fun. They can make us happy.

Friends can help us through difficult times.

I believe friendship is more important than money or possessions. It is the most important thing in our life.

Cheryl Tong Sum, Tsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College

Ballet boost

Ballet is a popular dance form around the world.

Ballet performances are a combination of dance, mime, acting and music.

Ballet is known for its unique moves, such as pointe work, turn-out leg work and high extensions, its graceful, flowing, precise movements, and its ethereal qualities.

Ballet is a beautiful dance. What's more, doing ballet keeps you fit!

Sharon Yip Hoi-ka, The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

Don't just blame Hongkongers

Some critics say Hongkongers are not doing enough to protect the environment. They say their failure to act has resulted in the frequent formation of smog.

But I am afraid that is only part of the truth.

A main source of pollution in Hong Kong is China, which has a lot of factories which produce a lot of toxic fumes.

Occasional low wind speed is another factor which prevents smog from blowing away and blocks our view.

As Hongkongers, we should definitely work hard to protect the environment, but we should remember we're not the only ones to blame for the smog.

We should work with China to solve the problem, which would benefit our city and China.

Danny Law Man-tsun, SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School

Scientific excitement

I have just started Form Four. Recently I have been doing more science than ever before.

I like the way numbers, figures and formulae come together to give us clear answers.

I also enjoy discovering the secrets of biological processes, chemical reactions and physical properties.

My favourite subject is physics because it explains how things work.

Heidi Shek, Chinese Foundation Secondary School