Time to pull the brake on Lamma's cowardly killers

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 30 January, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 30 January, 1994, 12:00am

TEDI was among the last murder victims of 1993, but you will not find her name on a police report. She was only nine months old when she expired in my arms at 6.55 pm on December 30.

Her cowardly killer has not been found and probably never will be. The weapon was a poison that passed through her system long before the painful symptoms provided any clues to her suffering.

And, of course, Tedi could tell us nothing - she was my dog.

The poisoning of pets in Hong Kong has become an all-too regular occurrence. Some maniac has in recent weeks poisoned a number of dogs on one road of The Peak. Fortunately for the victims, this toxin can be treated.

But I live on Lamma Island, where the poison of choice happens to be a herbicide that causes a painful and almost certain death. The poison is indiscriminate; it cannot differentiate between weeds, flowers, pets - or your children. And death is usually slow and painful.

Our neighbours understood our misery. It has become quite common on Lamma Island. More than two dozen dogs have succumbed in recent months.

But why? Police have no clues and are not even looking. Understandable, since the poison leaves little trace and even if it did, what is the charge? Spreading a legal toxin a tad too freely? Hate, it seems, is the real issue, and that is beyond police control.

If we cannot control the killers, let us at least outlaw the poison or render it less effective.

Or do we prefer to become known as the kind of a society that places a premium on killing weeds over protecting the sanctity of life?