Little Hong Kong

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 16 October, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 16 October, 2007, 12:00am

Little Hong Kong

W Theatre

Hong Kong Arts Centre

Reviewed: Oct 12

Written, directed and produced by W Theatre's Alvin Wong Chi-lung, Little Hong Kong is his satirical take on what makes us an ignorant, petty-minded, face-saving and superficial lot. Placing this city under microscopic scrutiny, the two-hour show magnifies the pathetic qualities of Hong Kong people - bigotry, pretentiousness, snobbery and bad attitude, accent and breath - in 11 comic sketches.

Wong's biting script illustrates his acute social and cultural observations of middle-class Hong Kong - mostly his thirtysomething (or younger) generation who, he believes, are materialistic and self-obsessed. Behind the laughs are some home truths about ourselves. But the playwright doesn't get on his moral high horse to preach. It's okay to be vain, he says, but have better taste. It's also all right to aim high, but you must work hard for your goals.

Thanks to an excellent cast, the humour and satire is effective. Most memorable is the scene in which Michael Ning Chi-ho and Edmond Tong Chun-yip, in their supporting roles as the suffering/hapless shop manager and assistant respectively, upstage the main characters - two bitchy costumers played by Joey Leung Cho-yiu and Shaw Mei-kwan.

The show ended on a slightly sentimental note, reminding us that Hong Kong used to have a heart, and not everything associated with it has always been cheap and nasty.

Until Oct 21, 8pm; Oct 20 and 21, also 3pm. HK$200 and HK$240. Inquiries: 9100 9341