Taskforce proposed on managing harbour

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 17 October, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 17 October, 2007, 12:00am

The government has proposed that the Harbourfront Enhancement Committee set up a taskforce to explore a new, sustainable framework for managing waterfront areas.

In a paper to be discussed by the committee today, the government suggests this group should come up with a practical proposal for its consideration, and members should conduct research abroad in formulating their suggestions.

The chairman of the Harbourfront Enhancement Committee, Lee Chack-fan, called earlier for a feasibility study on forming a harbour authority. He said the study should explore different frameworks for managing harbour areas, including transforming the committee into an authority in the long run. But the government said setting up a harbour authority was complicated.

A study commissioned by the Harbour Business Forum, which will be completed in three months, also recommends options for improving the current management. The study gathers overseas examples of designing, developing and managing waterfront areas. The forum said earlier that an institution such as the Airport Authority might be good for integrating all harbour-related issues.

New tasks assigned to the Harbourfront Enhancement Committee include the design for the new Central waterfront, but the public remains divided on where to re-erect Queen's Pier and the old Star Ferry clock tower, results of the first stage of a public consultation show.

After a two-month public engagement activity in May, there was no majority in favour of any location for either structure nor any design ideas for their re-erection, the government said.

The committee is recommended to take into account the results of the central waterfront design competition held by Designing Hong Kong.

A second round of public consultation on the design of waterfront areas will begin in January. Alternative locations for the clock tower and the Queen's Pier will be given so the public can choose again.