Call for ice hockey girls to join the fun

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 23 October, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 23 October, 2007, 12:00am

Meanwhile, in the other SAR ...

It's rough, it's tough and it's cold, but if you ask Noel Lio, it is great fun.

The 15-year-old is part of the Mystiks Macau women's ice hockey team that was launched in the former Portuguese enclave last year.

Noel said she learned to skate when she was about six years old and never really thought about taking up hockey.

'I was into figure skating and had never played hockey before, not even on a pitch,' she said.

'When I started I realised how much fun it was and it is exciting, too, and fast moving.'

The Mystiks were formed in February last year and played several matches against teams from Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Philippines.

But the team is now in crisis after several key players left the squad. There are now only seven of the required 12 members. They are also without a sponsor which makes travelling to games difficult.

Coach Sherry Heschuk said they were looking for girls aged 13 and over to join. Players must have basic skating skills and be willing to train with the squad on a regular basis. 'We really need more players and we are hoping to have some exhibition matches in the coming season,' Ms Heschuk said.

'Everyone has a lot of fun and it's good to meet new people as well. We did have a sponsor in the past and we are now looking for another.'

Noel, whose younger brother Eric, 12, also trains with the squad, said it was all about having some fun.

'We have a good time but it is also competitive,' she said.

'It is good to play teams from other countries so that we can measure our standards.'

The players train at Gei Gang in Macau.