Natural products australian style

PUBLISHED : Friday, 26 October, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 26 October, 2007, 12:00am

It may not have won an award but Truth & Faith International is a company of vision by any measure. A decade ago it was a local company specialising in over-the-counter Chinese herbal products and had little to do with Australia, but in recent years it has become a pioneer in Australian health supplements and skin-care products.

'Customers asked us for food supplements, so we started sourcing from the US and Canada. Then customers said they wanted products from Australia and New Zealand as they felt that these products were more natural,' Choy Chi-fai, company managing director, said.

Among the company's famous products are supplements made from propolis and blue-green algae.

'The quality of these products depends much on the ingredients, and Australia and New Zealand are famous for their well-preserved environments.'

A decision was later made to focus on Australia, Mr Choy said, as it was the leader in the region. He added that Australian products cost more but the quality made them worth it.

'The target clientele of these products looks for quality and is willing to spend for it. In the past six to seven years, Australian health products have become our mainstay.'

Over the same period, the company's annual turnover grew from six digits to eight digits.

Taking part in the awards had been quite an experience. 'We had to go through interviews and do presentations, so we had to review the files and information on how we promoted the Australian products and brands and the many years of development. It's very meaningful.'

Mr Choy said his company, which was a finalist in the AustCham Austrade Business Promotion Award, was active in facilitating information exchange in the health food industry and invested much in the training.

'Every week our staff members have sharing sessions, where they can talk about anything. After sharing, we have another hour of training to make sure they understand the products they are selling. We also organise field trips to see the manufacturing of these products,' he said.