Anson Chan

Political Animal

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 30 October, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 30 October, 2007, 12:00am


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Anson Chan reveals canvassing surprises

If she could turn back the clock, Anson Chan Fang On-sang said she would have spent more time on district visits and less time on meetings and paperwork before retiring as chief secretary in 2001. Making an initial evaluation of her meet-the-people drive since joining the Legislative Council by-election race last month, she said she was struck by how serious the problems of the working poor were and impressed with the elderly's spirit of self-reliance. She was undaunted, however by the at times unfriendly response she got while distributing election pamphlets. 'Sometimes there were people shouting foul language behind you, refusing to take a pamphlet from you ... I take it easy. I had prepared for that psychologically from day one,' she said.

Critical leftists branded as hypocrites

Traitor, what traitor? While local leftists were branding veteran Democrat Martin Lee Chu-ming as a 'traitor' for urging the US to press for human rights improvements in China in the run-up to the Olympics, some observers jibed about how Beijing loyalists were applying double standards. Some bloggers and columnists noted how Ronald Chan Ngok-pang - a Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee protege and Stanford University classmate who is running in the district council polls - has escaped criticism for 'handling' US national security issues for Democrat Senator Max Baucus when he was an intern in Washington in 2004. This was revealed in a bio for the Savantas Policy Institute operated by Mrs Ip.

Regina Ip's supporters deafened by rage

A seemingly subtle call by Regina Ip for her supporters to tone down the political tirade against Martin Lee seems to have fallen on deaf ears. Veteran National People's Congress deputy Cheng Yiu-tong continued the onslaught. 'Righteous Chinese people should condemn him for selling out the country's interests and betraying his compatriots.' Asked if Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun, who defended Mr Lee, was also a traitor, Mr Cheng said: 'We should condemn whoever is a traitor.'

Busy candidate may not make forum

While local television newsmen were racking their brains on how to handle an election forum with perhaps as many as seven candidates, University of Hong Kong Student Union leaders were more concerned about the absence of Regina Ip. Union leaders said they already had positive responses from six aspirants, including Anson Chan, for a forum on the campus. Mrs Ip, however, appeared to be less enthusiastic, saying she needed more time to check her campaign diary. They hoped Mrs Ip would come as the debate would be tarnished without her presence. Few could agree more.

Contender may drop out of 'crowded' race

Even before nominations for the Legco by-election close tomorrow, barrister Lee Wing-kin said he was considering pulling out because the race had become too crowded. Mr Lee was the second candidate to sign up - a few minutes after Regina Ip submitted her nomination. Originally hoping to get over 10 per cent of votes, he fears he might grab only 3 per cent. That, he said, would not look good.