Counter Revolution

PUBLISHED : Friday, 02 November, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 02 November, 2007, 12:00am

Liven up bare counters with these quirky objects.


Clockwise from left: wine glass (HK$45) from Franc franc. Candleholder with bird (HK$85) from Franc franc. White glass with black floral plate (HK$135) from G.O.D. White lock keychain (HK$265) from Addiction. Floral napkin ring (HK$58) from Inside.


Shadow: sequin garland (HK$208) from Inside. Clockwise from left: Arabic eye decoration (HK$186) from Farah. Dragonfly glass (HK$180) from White Contemporary Homewares. Horse candlestand (HK$380) from Farah. Gold placement (HK$90) from White Contemporary Homewares. Magnet butterfly (HK$48) from Franc Franc. Marble frame (HK$150) from Clique.


Shadow: Star light (HK$180) from G.O.D. Clockwise from left: Sakuvasaku glass (HK$360) from Addiction. Candleholder (HK$1,050) from Homeless. Invotis glass lamp (HK$150) from Homeless. Child's cutlery set of 4 (HK$760) from Alessi. Crystal paperweight by Vandermark & Merritt (HK$1,480) from Artshop.


Shadow: Seahorse decoration (HK$245) from flea + cents. Clockwise from left: Smoking pig sculpture with marble and resin mixed by Tom Hoffmann (HK$680) from Artshop. Beaded napkin rings, red and green (HK$190) from White Contemporary Homewares. Baku candle (HK$95) from Franc Franc. iBride Goopoe oval tray (HK$520) from Homeless.


Solaris palm wood and horn coaster set of 4 (HK$195) from G.O.D. Collage mirror (HK$100) from G.O.D. Napkin ring (HK$28) from Inside. Dixon gun comb (HK$98) from Homeless. Lock keychain (HK$265) from Inside. Shell floral napkin ring (HK$58) from Inside.