Winning proves beneficial

PUBLISHED : Monday, 31 January, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 31 January, 1994, 12:00am

IF comments from past winners of awards and certificates of merit are anything to go by, companies should be queuing up to take part in this year's Governor's Award for Industry.

All have unreserved praise for the award scheme and, in particular, stress the benefits that it brings to the staff.

Fong's National Engineering Co has won seven awards in three different categories since 1990 - a record that not only speaks volumes about the company's professional standards, but emphasises its enthusiasm for the scheme.

In 1992 and last year, the company entered the Export Marketing category with a different strategy each year.

The 1992 entry concerned the company's international strategy.

Using a network of agents and foreign partners, the company won the Hong Kong Trade Development Council's (HKTDC) certificate of merit.

The following year it presented its marketing strategy for China which was totally different.

Marketing was done through Hong Kong, and this time Fong's won the HKTDC export marketing award.

''The benefit of winning is not just the award itself,'' said assistant general manager Kelvin Cheuk.

''We can also learn from feedback from the audits, and from the judges' comments, and one of the greatest benefits of winning is the effect on staff morale and staff drive throughout the company.

''We will certainly be taking part again, probably in three categories, because it will bring more recognition for our colleagues.'' Mr Cheuk said that although the company was striving to achieve a Governor's Award, it was hard to do so because the company manufactured large machinery and it was difficult for the judges to understand how good it was.

He said he would recommend companies to enter the scheme because it was a way of achieving excellence, which was the goal of every company.

Maxtor is another successful entrant, which last year won the Governor's Award for Productivity and Quality.

Senior operations manager Herman Lo said: ''There were two main benefits that we gained by winning: recognition of the employee effort in both categories, and the ability to bench mark our product to the Hong Kong industry.'' Raymond Ling, general manager of Team Concepts Electronics, said the chance to enter was rewarding to designers and staff.

''Apart from the publicity, winning an award lets the designers and engineers share the good work,'' he said.

''The award scheme is an interesting challenge.

''It is an exciting moment to have a third-party to confirm the standard of our productivity or quality.'' Allan Chu, the chairman of Team Concepts Holdings, summed it all up when he received the Export Marketing trophy last year.

He said: ''The award gives me and my colleagues huge encouragement as it recognises our marketing efforts.

''It also increases our confidence in future endeavours of export marketing.''