Mr X tells of shock at lover's 'blackmail'

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 06 November, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 06 November, 2007, 12:00am

Government official reveals details of affair

A senior government official told a court yesterday he was shocked and frightened when his lover threatened to harm his wife and blackmailed him for HK$500,000 after he ended the affair.

Mr X - who has been married for 24 years - gave his evidence behind a screen to conceal his identity from the public at the trial of 36-year-old karaoke hostess Hui Wing. She has pleaded not guilty in the District Court to two counts of blackmail.

Mr X said he first met Hui in a karaoke club in Dundas Street, Mong Kok, last December. As Mr X told the court about his extra-marital affair, Hui, sitting opposite him, burst into tears and turned her face to avoid looking at him.

'[Hui] was very attractive to me,' Mr X said, adding that he could not stop himself from liking her when they first met in the karaoke room one morning. He said he had sex with Hui at a love hotel in the same building as the karaoke club.

'[Hui] took the lead to get close to me. She praised me, saying that I was very handsome and she indicated she wanted to be my friend,' he said.

Mr X said he went to Mong Kok that morning with a plan to buy an electrical appliance, but ended up going to a karaoke club because he was in a bad mood and wanted to sing.

He said he paid HK$400 for the karaoke room and about HK$80 for the hotel room, but he did not pay Hui on that occasion. He said he developed an intimate relationship with Hui, whom he described as being very well-educated, hard-working and someone who loved literature.

'From the bottom of my heart, I liked this woman very much. She appeared to like me very much too. We dated.'

He said they went to Guangzhou twice between December and February to visit Hui's friend.

Mr X said he had also voluntarily given Hui a total of HK$27,500 on four occasions. He had written 'husband' in her bank book when making a deposit.

'I did tell her I was married. I wrote her a letter to tell her about my family, including my kids and my wife. I thought we ought to be honest as we were friends,' he said.

He said Hui also knew about his job because he showed her his business card. According to Mr X, Hui also knew he earned HK$120,000 a month.

The relationship came to an end in February when Mr X was admitted to Queen Mary Hospital for an operation on his hand. Mr X believed that during his surgery his wife had seen phone messages sent to him by Hui. His wife confronted him in the ward.

'My wife asked me who Hui Wing was. I thought she already knew about my affair so I confessed Hui was a woman I had met and admitted we had sex.

'I begged my wife to forgive me and not to leave me. I promised her to leave this woman. I immediately telephoned Hui and told Hui my wife knew about our affair and we needed to end all this. Then I hung up.'

Yesterday, prosecutor Isaac Tam Sze-lok alleged that Hui had threatened to send a video of Hui and Mr X having sex to Mrs X and Next Magazine unless she was paid HK$500,000.

He said Hui had received HK$290,000 from Mr X on March 21 but she had demanded another HK$90,000, threatening that either Mrs X or Hui herself would be harmed if Mr X refused to pay.

The trial continues today.