Do you watch reality TV shows?

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 08 November, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 08 November, 2007, 12:00am

Ira Chan, 14

Top tunes: Pop

I watch reality shows a lot, and MTV is my favourite channel. My favourite show is The Hills because I find the drama and their lifestyles interesting, especially when they gossip, and because I can relate to some of their problems. I would go on a reality show if it paid a lot of money, but the one show I would never go on is Fear Factor - it's too freaky for me!

Elisabeth Feuntuen, 14

Top tunes: Pop and rock

My favourite reality show is America's Next Top Model because it's fun to watch their fights. I like seeing them act high and mighty to each other but get shot down when their photo shoot is criticised. I'd be too embarrassed to do that show - but they do get a lot of free things! I wouldn't ever go on Fear Factor because I'd be too scared.

Michelle Davies, 14

Top tunes: 80s rock

I like watching America's Next Top Model, but parts of it annoy me, for example, how Tyra Banks thinks everyone should follow her every example. I would go on it because I think it would be a real experience and I would get a free makeover and free clothes! I would do any show for money, even Fear Factor! But I think shows like Who Wants to be a Superhero are pointless.

Hayden Minick, 15

Top tunes: Rock

I sometimes watch them, but not often enough for me to have a favourite show. I'd go on The Bachelor, getting the girls would be interesting! I think shows like Survivor, Fear Factor and The Amazing Race are crazy. I wouldn't go on them unless I was getting a huge amount of money.

Willis Wong, 14

Top tunes: Heavy metal

Occasionally. I like watching Fear Factor but I would never go on it because I'm scared of heights and bugs, and the stunts they do are dangerous! If I were to go on a show, it would be The Bachelor - it'd be pretty cool to get all the ladies! The one show I really don't like is Survivor - I think it's pointless and boring.