Animal rights protester's performance a cut above the rest

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 10 November, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 10 November, 2007, 12:00am

An animal rights activist yesterday staged a 'naked' protest in busy Causeway Bay against meat eating.

Ashley Fruno, a campaigner with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Asia-Pacific, wore only underwear and painted herself like a butcher's diagram near Jardine's Bazaar to urge people to go vegetarian.

'By exposing my body, I hope to expose others to the benefits of a humane, vegetarian diet,' said the almost-naked Fruno. 'Factory farmed animals are made of flesh, blood and bone - just as humans are. Animals have the same bodily organs, the same five senses and the same range of emotions. And of course, we all feel fear and pain, and none of us wants to die violently.

'Billions of animals every year - including approximately 11.2 billion animals in China alone - have their bodies chopped up, labelled as this cut or that and wrapped in cellophane for the supermarket meat case. Peta is encouraging people to view animals as more than walking entrees, noting that animals raised for their flesh have personalities and feelings, and form families and friendships if given the chance.'

As part of an international tour, Peta will hold similar protests in Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, Auckland and Sydney.

Alas, the lovely Ms Fruno was almost good enough to eat.