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'This is the only thing I can do'

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 11 November, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 11 November, 2007, 12:00am

If he had a choice, Ah Ken swears he would never be a sex worker.

'I have no choice. I have no work experience and have a lowly education. It is difficult to find a job,' the Form Five graduate says.

In his cap and blue tracksuit jacket, Ah Ken looks much younger than his 20 years. Sitting in the Mong Kok office of Midnight Blue - a union for men working in the sex trade - he seems sweet and naive and talks politely.

The Tuen Mun villager became a sex worker three years ago after his father, outraged at discovering his son was gay, chased him out of their home.

'I had no money and I knew that the quickest way to make cash was sex. I looked at newspaper adverts and found an agency.'

His first client was a man who he later discovered was a well-known financial figure.

He served three or four clients a day. When business was good he earned as much as HK$5,000 daily.

'For the first month, I felt dirty and guilty each time I had sex with clients.'

After working in the agency for a few months, he worked briefly as an agent himself. Two years ago, he started working in a massage parlour as a 'cheap duck', massaging clients in individual rooms and providing sex for HK$100 to HK$500. 'I disliked fat men. They are usually smelly and heavy. One fat man always tried not to use a condom. One day, he brought in a friend and asked me to have sex with the two of them. I was green and agreed. In the end, they just paid for one person.'

It could have been worse.

One of Ah Ken's friends was drugged in a hotel room and raped by four men. Competition from mainland sex workers who charge less means he earns about HK$9,000 a month, serving more than 50 clients, compared with over HK$30,000 when he started.

Yet, there is hope for Ah Ken. Next year he plans to study for a degree in Chinese medicine.



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